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Honda Civic Catalytic Converter

When you talk about engines, there's no way you won't think about Honda. Currently, this Japanese auto manufacturing company is also the largest manufacturer of engines worldwide. And when you speak about Honda engines, you are not talking about ordinary engines. Instead, you are talking about high quality, high performance, and very innovative vehicle engines. Honda has actually proven this many times, and the first time was with an engine used on the Honda Civic.

In the 1970s, emission standards in the U.S. became stricter. In order to meet emission standard demands, many auto manufacturers started using catalytic converters and specifying unleaded fuel for their vehicles' engines. Honda's approach to the problem, however, was different. Instead of using catalytic converters, Honda introduced the Compound Vortex Combustion Chamber (CVCC), a device used on Honda engines that can sufficiently reduce emission without needing other emission control products. CVCC engines were initially used by Honda on some model of the Honda Civic and from 1980 to 1983, all Honda Civic models were powered by the said engines.

Today, the CVCC technology has been superceded by advancements like the three-way catalytic converters and the efficient electronic fuel injection systems. Traces of the CVCC technology, however, can still be seen on the engines used on the Honda Civic, especially with the LEV (low emission vehicle) engines used on the vehicle model today. With the use of these engines, plus the additional aid provided by Honda Civic catalytic converters, Honda continues to show its dedication in keeping our environment safe and sound.

With the technologically advanced and low emission engines used on the Honda Civic, one may find the use of catalytic converters completely unnecessary. But the fact that Honda includes catalytic converters as standard equipments for their Honda Civic models tell us that they are still necessary. With Honda Civic catalytic converters, the small amount of harmful combustion byproducts created by the LEV engines is further converted into harmless exhaust products. This way, the exhaust that comes out of the Honda Civic's tailpipe becomes a lot safer to the environment.

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