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Honda Civic Door Handle

Diagnosing Common Problems of the Honda Civic Door Handle

The door handle is among the most important parts of Honda Civic simply because of the fact allows you to enter the car and start the engine. And once it stops working, you can expect to have quite a big problem in your hands. While Honda Civic door handles are designed to last the life of the vehicle, they are still vulnerable to wear and damage. And once they start to malfunction, the door handles must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible, otherwise you'll find yourself locked out of your own car. The following are some common problems associated with Honda Civic door handles.

Difficulty opening/closing the door handle

One of the most frequent door handle problems involve difficulty open and closing the door. This is typically due to a worn or damaged door handle latch. Over time the latch will deteriorate from constant use, with the metal or metallic components of the latch bending on the latch mechanism. Powerful shocks such as slamming the door too hard can also bend the latch mechanism. In addition, if the Civic is being driven under winter conditions, moisture inside the door may freeze around the door jamb and seal the door shut. If you experience any difficulty opening and closing the door handle, have it checked by a mechanic immediately.

Door won't open from the inside

Another common problem with Honda Civic door handles is that the inside door handle refuses to open from the inside. In most cases this is due to a worn or defective lock mechanism. Minor lock mechanism damage can still be repaired, but severe damage or wear on the mechanism's components - or if you lack the repair skills and tools needed - entail replacement of the entire lock mechanism.

Slack door handle

On the other hand, there may be instances where there would little or no resistance on the door handle yet the door won't open. This is usually due to one of the door cables becoming loose or broken. Take out the insert on the interior side of the door and check the cables if they are inserted properly or are in good condition, and repair or replace them if necessary.

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  • Maintenance Tips for Honda Civic Door Handle

    While it comes to maintenance, the last thing that usually pops up in the minds of Honda Civic owners is the door handle. Granted, Honda does not issue maintenance guidelines for exterior and interior door handles in their vehicles, but a little care and maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that the door handles in your Civic not only work properly but also do so for a long time. So if you want to get the most value out of your Honda Civic door handles, we recommend you follow these simple yet effective maintenance tips.

    Don't slam the car door.

    Many car owners tend to slam the doors of their vehicles hard with the purpose of guaranteeing the door latches in place with the lock, but this practice can actually harm the door handle mechanisms instead. Constant powerful force on door handle (such as slamming the door close) can bend the door latch mechanism, and over time this can make the door harder to lock. So make sure to use only sufficient force when closing or opening your Civic's doors.

    Clean the door handles regularly.

    During your regular car wash, make sure to pay attention to the door handles both inside and outside of your car. Standard car shampoo is enough to clean exterior and interior door handles, although for Civics with chromed door handles buffing it with chrome polish afterwards can add an extra sheen on the finish. Make sure to use lint-free cloth as well when wiping door handles to prevent scratching the handle surface.

    Avoid parking the car outside during winter.

    While Honda Civics can certainly last one night out in the cold, parking your car in low temperature conditions may cause condensation inside the car door to freeze around the door latch mechanism, damaging it by either warping the metal parts or through corrosion. Park your car instead inside your garage or in an enclosed area as much as possible especially during the winter season.

    Spray silicone lubricant on the door handle mechanism after repair or replacement.

    Silicone helps protect the door lock mechanisms from rust and ensures smooth and noiseless operation.