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Honda Civic Fender

It's either you find it stylish or you don't, but that's just the way the Honda Civic is. In the past, many people would consider the style of Japanese vehicles as bland and boring. Today, these same vehicles have already received a lot of styling changes, but the opinion of some Americans have remained the same. No one can force people, though, to love the style of Japanese vehicles. But for those who do appreciate the Japanese vehicle style, nothing can describe the Honda Civic's body but the word "stylish".

The stylishness of the Honda Civic is, of course, largely brought to it by the various body panel parts it is equipped with. This includes all the sheet metal parts that the vehicle is equipped with from the nose and header panels to the rear and rocker panels that were carefully crafted to present a sleek and smooth overall style. Of course included in these stylish body panel parts are the Honda Civic fenders, those plates of sheet metal covering the front corners of the car.

The fenders, specifically, are the sheet metal body panel parts that extend from the front corner of the hood to the hinged portion of the front doors. These parts are usually separate pieces that are welded on various parts so that they can be attached to the other panels of the car. While this design may not sound practical, auto manufacturers have purposely done this so that the fenders may be replaced easily in case of collisions.

The vehicle's fenders are the usual casualties during frontal collisions. Made of thin sheet metal, these components would easily bend and break during accidents. Good thing for your Honda Civic, there exist a lot of replacement Honda Civic fenders in the market today. Some of these fenders are plain replacements to the stock Honda Civic fender, made exactly from the same material and painted with the same color. There are also fenders that are made from rubber-like plastic that allows it to absorb impact without incurring any apparent damage. Aside from these, there are still other types of fenders available for your Honda Civic, most of which can be easily located through the Internet.

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