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Honda Civic Headlight Assembly

Usual Signs of a Problematic Honda Civic Headlight Assembly

Your Honda Civic headlight assembly is the most important light in your car. It provides visibility of the road ahead your automobile, keeping you safe from collision with other vehicles. This is particularly important during the night or foggy days. The headlight assembly is vulnerable to various issues that endanger you when on the road. With this, you should be aware of even the simplest sign of a failing headlight assembly. Following are some of them.

Cloudy headlight assembly lens

One of the most common issues with your headlight assembly is fogging or clouding. This is due to different factors such as dirt, scratch, sunlight, rain, snow, and road salt. These factors degrade the plastic coating of the lens, hazing its surface. When this happens, the light your headlight assembly projects is dimmed, providing poor illumination. Good thing is that you can restore your headlight lens with the use of sandpaper, toothpaste, and car polish.

Headlight not working

When one of your headlight assembly does not work, its bulb is burned or blown. Like most auto parts, the bulb in your headlight assembly has its service life and should be replaced eventually. This service life is affected by loose connections, vibrations, wear, and regulator failure. When the bulb is blown, you should replace it immediately before hitting the road again. Doing so is easy. All you have to do is remove your Honda Civic headlight assembly from the car body.

Headlight lens moisture

The presence of a small amount of moisture is not yet a serious problem for your headlight assembly. However, it can get worse when there is already a small pool of water inside the assembly. With this, you need to remove the slightest hint of moisture from your headlight lens with the use of hair dryer or sunlight. Also, this is a sign that your housing is not sealed well, so it is advisable to apply silicone sealant around your headlight assembly as well. Moisture and water inside your headlight assembly lead to premature failure of the bulb.

Dim headlight emission

This may be a result of poor voltage delivery to your bulb. Bad ground can be a cause of this issue. Check the wires connected to your headlight assembly. The bulb socket may also be corroded, so you should inspect this part as well.

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  • Taking Care of Your Honda Civic Headlight Assembly

    Visibility and illumination are very important aspects in driving your Honda Civic especially during the night. Good thing your headlight assembly is reliable enough to provide light to keep you safe on the road. However, this part is prone to various issues that may put you at risk of a road accident. With this, you need to take good care of your headlight assembly. Following are some pointers you should always remember to make your headlight assembly shine bright longer.

    Always replace in pair.

    If one headlight assembly is due for replacement, the other should also be changed. Both the headlight assemblies have the same lifespan, and if one is already worn out or damaged, the other is not far behind. Also, replacing only one headlight assembly gives you uneven light distribution because the new one would obviously produce brighter light emission. This setup can be quite disorienting especially during the night and foggy days.

    When replacing, do not touch the glass of your headlight bulb.

    It is advisable to avoid holding the glass in your headlight bulb. Your hands and fingers leave oil or grease residues on the glass material. These residues react with the halogen inside your bulb. When the bulb is on, the residues make the glass material warmer than it normally should be. This reduces the lifespan of the bulb. With this, you should avoid touching the glass material of your bulb. Otherwise, wear latex gloves when replacing it.

    Make sure your Honda Civic headlight assembly is installed well.

    Two of the main enemies of your headlight assembly are vibrations and moisture. When your headlight assembly is not installed well, your bulb receives more vibrations and jolts from the slightest road bump your car experiences. Also, you should make sure your headlight assembly is sealed. If not, moisture may develop inside it. This moisture affects the bulb and reduces its lifespan.

    Regularly check your electrical connections.

    Your Honda Civic headlight assembly works with your car's electrical system. This means that the slightest issue with the wirings can affect how your headlight works. With this, you should regularly check your electrical connections that power the part. Make sure your wires are joined well and the bulb is fitted snuggly in its socket. If there is something loose, a short circuit may occur, blowing your bulb.