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Honda Civic Spoiler

Have you noticed a car having something attached on top of its body or its trunk lid, above the rear window or even below the bumper? This strange looking accessory is called a spoiler. They are mounted in different strategic areas of a car for the purpose of decreasing an automobile's lift and drag, or to increase the amount of force pushing the vehicle's tires to the road surface. This process and effect is called a downforce.

Automotive spoilers such as the Honda Civic spoiler are devices attached to an automobile to redirect the airflow around a vehicle, and in most cases, they are fitted to race and high-performance sports cars to help in reinforcing traction between the wheels and the road.

There are different spoilers available in the market. The most common spoiler you can find is the wing spoiler which is an airfoil suspended above the body of a vehicle. Aside from this, other kinds of spoilers are also being offered such as the lid spoiler which is usually refereed to as the trunk lid spoiler or boot lid spoiler. It is often designed as a ridge of plastic or metal.

Another is the roof spoiler which is a small ridge of plastic or metal mounted at the very back of the roof and typically located just above the rear window. And lastly is the splitter which is a kind of spoiler attached below the front bumper, and is very close to the road surface.

Others say that a spoiler used on street cars and trucks, does not really affect aerodynamics but they are actually intended to make a vehicle look sportier and flashier. Cab spoilers, tailgate spoilers, truck cap spoilers and tonneau cover spoilers are designed for pickups, while the rear window spoilers are designed to fit SUVs, minivans, and some cars.

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