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Honda Civic Tail Light

The various auto lights installed on the exterior of our Honda Civic serves two basic functions. The first function is to illuminate the path ahead so that the driver's view of the road would be clearer. Among the auto lights with this function are the headlights and the fog lights. The other function of the auto lights is to make the vehicle visible so that other vehicles wouldn't accidentally bump into it. Various auto lights perform this function, including the corner lights up front and the side marker lights on both sides. At the back of the vehicle, this function is served by the Honda Civic tail lights.

The tail lights are the pair of lights installed at the rear end of the vehicle, thus they are also called rear lights or rear lamps. A typical tail light assembly includes the tail light lens, tail light frame (or bezel), tail light bulbs and tail light reflectors. In good working condition, these tail lamp parts help illuminate the rear end of the vehicle, clearly showing the vehicle to those behind it.

Federal law requires taillights to illuminate red light. The same law, however, does not specify the color to be used on the various tail lamp parts. For this reason, not all tail lamps today have the same specification for their parts. Some tail lamps use red bulbs on clear lenses while others use clear bulbs on red lenses. Still, some other vehicles today are equipped with tail lamps having clear bulbs and clear lenses but equipped with red reflectors to mimic the red light illuminated by older units.

Traffic safety is a top design criterion in the manufacture of Honda vehicles; that's why for your Honda Civic, you'll only find high quality and fully functional Honda Civic tail lights. Honda Civic tail lamps, however, are not invulnerable to damages. Once damaged, you can't expect your Honda Civic taillights to perform their function well.

Good thing, there are a lot of replacement tail lights and tail light assemblies available on the market on your Honda Civic today. Available with altezza, euro-style, clear or smoked lenses, these replacement Honda Civic rear lamps would not only make the rear end of your Civic safe but also very stylish.

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