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Honda Civic Trunk Lid

Useful Tips to Fix the Common Problems on Your Honda Civic Trunk Lid

Whether brand new or used, your Honda Civic trunk lid can get rusted, scratched, and misaligned overtime. To help you deal with these problems, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Rust spots

Your trunk lid may develop a few rust spots both on top or underside. When this happens, you have to act immediately to prevent the rust from spreading and from corroding the metal, which will require a costlier repair. To stop these rust spots from completely damaging the trunk lid of your Civic, you have to sand them using sandpapers or a power sander and brush tool if the affected area is large. Applying rust remover will also help in rust removal. Also, don't worry if the affected areas look somewhat deeper than the rest of the surface because you will fill these with a paste-like fiberglass solution after. Just remember to sand them once they harden to make the surface even, and then coat the entire trunk lid with primer before painting it.

Misaligned trunk lid

A common problem with a trunk lid is when it gets misaligned. Overtime, the bolts may get loosened from frequent use, causing your lid to not properly close. When this happens, water and other particles can freely enter your trunk, which can cause rust on the underside of the lid and water and dirt buildup inside the trunk. To avoid having these on your car, you have to make sure that your trunk lid is properly aligned. You can check this by measuring the bolts on both sides using a caliper. Remember, though, that you need to have an assistant to hold the lid while you loosen the bolts. If the measurements don't match, then adjust either of the two bolts. Also, make sure that the height of your lid on both sides is uniform so that it will perfectly fit when closed.


Having scratches on your trunk lid can be very annoying, especially if the paint gets damaged too. If the lid has shallow scratches, you can easily remove them by doing a good buff job. You can use an orbital polisher to also give your trunk lid the shine that it needs to cover up the light scratches. However, should the scratches be deep, you can't completely remedy them by simply polishing the area. You may need to repaint your trunk lid.

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  • Practical Tips to Make Your Honda Civic Trunk Lid Looking as Good as New

    It's important that you also pay attention to your Honda Civic trunk lid to keep it in good condition. After all, what's the use of maintaining your car's overall looks if your trunk lid is full of dirt, grime, scratches, and rust. To keep your trunk lid looking as good as new, follow these useful maintenance tips:

    Polish the surface.

    You can use any good-quality polish from the auto supply stores to make your trunk lid shiny. Remember to read the instructions at the back, though, before you start using the product to avoid having problems. Also, you can use an orbital polisher to make things easier for you in the event that you can't achieve by hand the shiny look that you want. Polishing your trunk lid can also cover up light scratches on the surface. However, you can bet that polishers won't conceal deep scratches.

    Apply anti-rust solution.

    Because your trunk lid can get misaligned, water can seep through inside and develop into rust on the underside of the lid. The simplest solution to this is to keep your trunk lid aligned. However, you can never be sure that your trunk will always be properly closed even after fixing its alignment. So to be sure, coat the underside of your trunk lid with any good-quality anti-rust solution that you can get from the auto supply stores. Make sure, though, that the product you're getting is proven to provide good results.

    Coat the trunk lid with primer.

    If ever you decide to repaint your trunk lid, make sure that you coat it with primer before painting it. This will protect the lid from developing rust on its surface.

    Wash with soapy water.

    You can wash your trunk lid the way you would normally clean the rest of your car, and that means using a sponge with a mixture of mild soap and water. But make sure that you use warm water so all the dirt and grime will be easily removed. Also, don't forget to dry the trunk lid by wiping it using a non-abrasive cloth.