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Honda Coolant Reservoir

The function of the cooling system in your Honda automobile is to eliminate excess heat produced by the engine to keep it working in its most efficient temperature. This system also helps the engine get the proper temperature as soon as possible right after the vehicle starts. And regardless of the operating conditions, the cooling system maintains the engine at its most capable temperature.

Some Honda cooling systems incorporate a clear, plastic container where the excess coolant is stored - the coolant tank. The said reservoir is connected to the small-diameter overflow hose from the radiator. To fully understand the importance of the coolant tank, one must know what a coolant is. Coolant is the combination of water and antifreeze flowing throughout a liquid-cooling system, around the hot engine parts, to significantly get rid of the heat as well as to prevent damage. The heat produced in the engine is acted upon by the coolant and transported by the water pump through the radiator. The air blowing through the radiator is responsible for cooling the coolant.

The coolant normally expands the moment it picks up the heat made by the engine. This is where the importance of coolant tanks comes in. The Honda coolant tank, also known as expansion tank or overflow canister, lends extra storage space for the coolant of your Honda vehicle the time it expands. In the absence of the Honda coolant tank, the coolant will flow out of the overflow tube and will escape on the vehicle's cooling system onto the pavement. In many modern vehicles, the coolant is directed towards the coolant tank.

A cooling system featuring a coolant tank is a closed system so the mixture can freely move from the system to the coolant tank and vice versa as it contracts and expands. If the system is working well, no coolant will be wasted or lost. Aside from that, the Honda coolant tank in your Honda automobile is accountable for eliminating air bubbles from the cooling system. Removing the said air bubbles makes the coolant more efficient as it suck up heat much faster. Another advantage of Honda coolant tank is when the coolant level rises and falls, the radiator is full all the time.

If your Honda vehicle is a classic car, it can easily be fitted with a Honda coolant tank. You just have to install the Honda coolant tank near the radiator, connect it to the overflow hose and change the radiator cap. With Honda coolant tank, checking the coolant level is way too easy.