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Honda Cooling Fan HUB

A lot of styling accessories are available today that one can use to give his vehicle a distinctive look. Most of these accessories are installed on the vehicle's exterior or body panel and can make a vehicle look more elegant and luxurious, or more aggressive, sporty and muscular. Some of these accessories are hard to install, requiring the assistance of a professional whenever one wants to install it in his vehicle. Other accessories, on the other hand, may be easily installed. One of the easily installable and most common styling accessories used in a vehicle is the hubcap.
Hubcaps, or wheel covers as most people would call it, are styling accessories used to cover the center of your vehicle's wheels. But there is actually a difference between a hubcap and a wheel cover, in a strict literal sense. While wheel covers are designed to cover the entire wheel area, the hubcaps are designed only to cover the center area to conceal the lug nuts that attaches the wheels to their respective axles. That's why most hubcaps are also called center caps. Nonetheless, both the hubcap and the wheel cover functions to make your vehicle have a unique appearance.
Different hubcaps come in different designs and are made of different materials. Most hubcaps being sold today, however, are made of sheet metal in a silver or chrome finish. These hubcaps contain various designs, sometimes with decorative and non-functional spokes to make them look more attractive. Some hubcaps bear the trademark, logo, or symbol of the vehicle manufacturer of the vehicle on which it is mounted. Some other hubcaps bear the trademark or logo of the hubcap manufacturer. Still, some other hubcaps do not have any logo on it and, in place of the logo, has some decorative markings or a clear center.

Honda vehicles may or may not be equipped with hubcaps or wheel covers when you purchase them from your local Honda dealer. But most often, these genuine Honda hubcaps are available as options or accessories from your Honda dealer or from other Honda authorized auto parts and accessories shops. An original Honda hubcap often bears the company logo to give it an authentic feel, but there are also genuine Honda hubcaps that come without.

There are also a number of renowned aftermarket hubcap manufacturers that offers high quality and elegant Honda hubcaps. Most of these aftermarket dealers sell Honda hubcap replicas at a fraction of the original's cost. Various aftermarket hubcap dealers also offer hubcaps of various designs that can further make your vehicle look unique.

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