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Honda CRV Fog Light

Bounce-back glare is the common dilemma every driver encounters when fogs, rains, snow, and dusts are present. This problem could prove disastrous to the road occupants because during these road conditions the drivers are given with a false sense of visibility causing them to judge the situation around poorly. In order to prevent possible road mishaps, manufacturers introduced lighting equipment that could combat difficulties met during this foggy and blurry road visibility. Aftermarket fog lights are manufactured for this purpose as not all vehicle models/makes are provided with one that is factory-installed.

Fog lights are installed on or below the front bumper of the vehicle. These are supposedly designed to provide wider beam pattern and give the driver better judgment of the blurry road visibility. And, normally the pair of fog lights is situated below the headlights to cast rays below the normal line of sight. In this way, reflected light is minimized and can provide better and clear visibility during the said adverse road conditions.

Although many have been utilizing fog lights as a necessity for additional safety to the roadways, there are still some who are apprehensive over its real function. They addressed these add-on lights as just a hazard to their driving. This may be due to the effects of the improper use of the fog lights. It only becomes detrimental when the sudden flick of the lights is causing other drivers approaching towards you to spoil their night visions.

The illumination of the rays should in fact lay around only with the specified amount of beams so as not to give detrimental effects to other drivers approaching forward. In some cases, this can also momentarily blind the driver which has been proved disastrous to road safety. On the contrary, this would not be so if the set of fog lights mounted into the vehicle is one that provides illumination enough to enable the driver clear blurry visions and just enough not to blind other drivers coming towards you.

For Honda CRV vehicles, you can install a new set of aftermarket fog lights found in wide variety in the market. You can purchase a Honda CRV fog light kit which can consist of a set of 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness, a relay and an in-cab control switch. If you don't want to risk your safety as well as your passengers', you would also be doing a great favor to other road occupants. But only when you get a good quality set that wouldn't cast more than the required amount of the illumination coming from the beams of these fog lights.

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