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Honda CRV Starter

Inspecting Your Honda CRV Starter for Problems

Needless to say, a car's engine is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. In this respect, your Honda CRV starter is a fundamental component to the automobile as a whole. It is the one that starts engine once the key is turned. It engages the transmission system through the flywheel to make the engine start. Also, it is subject to a lot of friction against the flywheel, making it a step closer to malfunctioning each time it activates. A faulty starter will result in a difficulty in starting the engine. However, there will be times when the fault is not at the starter. Good thing is that there are ways on how to know for sure whether it is the starter or not. Following are some tests on how to be certain.

Heat from the hood

Battery terminals warm up when there is a problem with your Honda CRV starter. This is because the alternator is sending extra electricity for the starter to work. When checking for this symptom, be careful with working on the battery connections. Also note that if the wirings immediately cool down after the release of the key, the possibility of a starter problem is higher.

Clicking sounds

A common symptom of starter problems is a clicking sound from under the hood once the key is turned to "on" position. The starter is indeed faulty if the engine does not turn over at all. However, the problem is elsewhere if the engine starts after multiple attempts of turning the key.

No-start situations

The sole purpose of the starter is to engage with the flywheel once the car key is turned so the engine can start. If you are experiencing a no-start problem, the fault may lie on the connections of the starter. Have a friend help you in testing the current flowing on the wire connecting the battery and the starter. One of you get to turn the key while the other will hold a circuit tester to test if there is electricity flowing on the wires. If there is current but the starter is not spinning, it needs to be replaced.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Honda CRV Starter in Good Working Condition

    The starter motor is a fundamental component of your Honda CRV. It is the part that initiates the engine start by engaging with the transmission system through the flywheel. That is why it should be maintained regularly. Otherwise, various problems will arise such as difficult to no engine starts. Also, a bad Honda CRV starter will result in a burnt smell coming from below the hood. This is serious problem as it can cause fire. These are precisely why you need to take good care of your starter. Following are some helpful ways on how to keep your starter alive even after reaching its normal mileage.

    • Clean the battery connections
    • Your car's starter is all about power. Without electricity, it will not be able to pass the power coming from the transmission system to the engine. The starter is connected to the car's battery by a red wire through the solenoid. This wire, together with other battery connections, should be checked regularly because corrosions from under the hood can affect these wirings and the different parts connected to the battery.
    • Protect the starter from engine oil.
    • The Honda CRV starter is directly connected to the engine. This means that there is a large possibility that it can be spilled with oil whenever the engine leaks. You should consider this a serious problem because oil is a contaminant to the starter. This will promote early wear and malfunction to the part. Have a regular check on the engine and make sure the starter is away from possible leaks.
    • Check the engine for problems.
    • The starter is also a sort of motor that spins around and may overheat. It should only work during the beginning of a drive. You do not want the starter to work longer than that, so it is wise to check the engine for possible problems that may abuse the starter.
    • Protect the starter from heat.
    • Needless to say, all parts under the hood of the Honda CRV are exposed to high temperature. Fortunately, you can protect your starter from this through the use of heat-shield jackets. These are fabrics that are said to reflect high amount of heat and prolong any car part.