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Honda CRX Shifter Bushing

Common Honda CRX Shifter Bushing Problems and Their Causes

A sturdy and easy-to-handle gear shift lever is one of the assets of your Honda CRX. Being able to smoothly and swiftly shift from one gear to another through this control stick lets you enjoy a hassle-free ride on your road glider. But when one of the gear shifter's components goes bad, take for instance the shifter bushings, driving your Honda CRX becomes a nightmare. To avoid accidents due to problems with your vehicle's shifter bushings, it would help a lot to know when you should replace them. Here are the most common symptoms of bad Honda CRX shifter bushings:

Hard shifting

Are you having any difficulty in shifting from one gear to another? Does your gear shifter fail to engage swiftly when you shift gears? If your Honda CRX is having these problems, your road surfer's shifter bushings are probably damaged. Your Honda CRX shifter bushings have the tendency to wear out over time, especially if you are very aggressive in shifting gears. Aside from excessive use, shifter bushings can also fail due to rust accumulation and corrosion. The only solution to hard shifting caused by damaged or corroded shifter bushings is replacement. Shifter bushings are relatively inexpensive, so replacing your worn out stock is not really a problem.

Noises from the gear shifter or transmission system

Do you hear grinding, clunking, and chattering noises when you shift gears? These noises may be signs that your transmission system is already having problems. Although it is possible that a loose or stretched out shifter cable is causing these noises, they could also result from worn out bushings on your vehicle's transmission system or at the base of the gear shift lever. Regardless of the bushings' location, the only way to get rid of these noises is to replace the damaged bushings. The replacement process' level of difficulty depends on the location of the bad bushings. For shifter cable bushings, their removal and installation will only take about 30 minutes or less.

Wiggling shifter lever

Does your Honda CRX's shifter lever wiggle while the gear is engaged? This may be a sign that your shifter bushings are loose. In some cases, you still have the option to just tighten the bushings to remove the wiggling or shaking of the lever. But if the looseness of the bushings is caused by corrosion around the bushings' bodies, replacing them with new ones is the only solution.

Other troubleshooting tips

Among all the signs of bad shifter bushings, a self-shifting gear lever is probably the most dangerous. If your gear shifter can loosely shift from "Park" or "Neutral" to other gears while the ignition is off, your vehicle's shifter bushings and pawl stopper are absolutely in bad shape. To solve this problem and prevent your Honda CRX from rolling away without your knowing, you need to replace these damaged stopper and bushings as soon as possible.

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  • Helpful Tips in Keeping Your Honda CRX Shifter Bushing in Excellent Condition

    Smooth gear shifting, which is made possible by your Honda CRX's top-notch transmission system, is vital to your vehicle's overall dynamics and driving performance. Since the gear shifter lever inside your CRX's cabin lets you control the transmission system, you need to take care of the lever's individual components. The shifter bushings are some of the most important gear lever parts. They basically hold the lever in place and attach it to the rest of the transmission system. To keep your Honda CRX shifter bushings in tiptop shape, you can follow these helpful tips:

    Maintain the proper adjustment of the shifter cable.

    Damaged shifter bushings are often caused by a misaligned shifter cable. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep the prescribed adjustment of your shifter cable at all times. Apart from keeping your vehicle's shifter bushings in good shape, regularly adjusting the cable will also prevent other shifter problems like excessive gear shift play, hard shifting, vibrations, and noises. Shifter cable adjustment is just a piece of cake. You just need a couple of things like pliers, screwdriver, and wrench set for the process, which will only take about 30 minutes or less to finish.

    Avoid aggressive gear shifting.

    Another way to maintain your Honda CRX shifter bushings' excellent condition is by driving properly and carefully at all times. If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, you need to make sure that you are properly stepping on the clutch pedal before moving the shifter lever in between gears. It would also help if you avoid aggressive gear shifting while driving. This bad habit can cause the shifter to become loose or damaged. If your Honda CRX has an automatic transmission, it is advisable for you to maximize the full potential of each of your gear shifter's options. This entails using the appropriate gear option for each road type or terrain.

    Keep the shifter bushings clean and rust free.

    If your Honda CRX's shifter bushings are covered with rust, they are already considered damaged and useless. Although rust accumulation on steel-made components is normal, it can still be avoided through regular cleaning and lubrication. Dust, dirt, and moisture from your vehicle's cabin and undercarriage are the top causes of oxidation and corrosion. To remove these corrosive materials, you can use an efficient cleaning and lubricating agent on the shifter bushings. This rust-preventing solution can be easily bought from your favorite car maintenance store.

    Tighten the shifter bushings regularly.

    Loose shifter bushings can also cause serious gear shifting problems. This is why it is essential to check and tighten the bushings regularly using adjustable wrenches or pliers. However, you can only do this if the bushings are JUST loose. If the shifter bushings are loose AND damaged, you have no other option but to replace them immediately.