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Honda Cylinder Head Gasket

The Honda head gasket is one of the hardest working seals in the engine, critical to both the engine and its cooling system. The Honda head gasket forms the seal between the cylinder head and the engine block, in order to contain the intense heat and pressure of engine combustion within the combustion chambers. It also forms the seal of the passages between the cylinder head and the engine block through which the oil and coolant flow. The Honda head gasket must hold up to the exposure to these chemicals as well as the high pressure and heat of combustion, and has been designed to do this for the life of the engine. However, under certain conditions the Honda head gasket can fail prematurely, allowing the oil and coolant to leak and the heat and pressure of combustion to escape, creating the potential for damage to vital vehicle parts and systems. Among the most common causes for a breach in the seal of the Honda head gasket is engine overheating. The cylinder head can swell and warp under such intense heat, causing it to become unable to fit properly against the engine block, making a good seal between the two impossible. Another common reason for failure of the Honda head gasket seal is detonation in the combustion chambers of the engine. The extreme pressure and heat of these small explosions in the combustion chambers can crack the combustion armor, leaving the Honda head gasket vulnerable to failure. We carry a selection of quality Honda head gasket replacements in our user-friendly online catalog. Our secure site makes ordering your Honda head gasket safe and easy, or our toll-free phone line is available to take your order just as conveniently.