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Honda Distributor

The ignition systems in different vehicles are of various types. These systems are categorized into three distinct classifications - the conventional breaker point ignition systems; the electronic ignitions systems, and the distributorless ignition system. But no matter what type, the automotive ignition system is designed to perform two basic roles. The first imperative role of the ignition system is to manage the spark and timing of the spark plug firing to go with the different engine requirements. Another function of the ignition system is to boost battery voltage up to a phase where it can overcome the resistance that comes from the spark plug gap.

The distributor is considered as the controlling device in a point-type ignition system. It is designed to do the job of switching the primary circuit on and off and disseminating the current to the correct spark plug the moment a spark is needed. The distributor achieves this via the cap and rotor. The rotor is the spinning component located inside the cap and is linked to the coil. It spins past a chain of contacts, one contact per cylinder. As the tip of the rotor goes through each contact, the coil will release a high-voltage pulse which arcs across the gap between the rotor and the contact and through the spark plug wire to the spark plug on the proper cylinder.

When you conduct a tune-up in your Honda automobile, among the things that you usually replace are the cap and the rotor or simply, the Honda distributor. No matter how tough, Honda distributor will wear out in the long run and drop some of their electrical insulation. In such case, there's no reason to worry. The automotive market has lots of auto-part stores that carries replacement Honda distributor. These Honda distributors are designed to match the specifications of your Honda vehicle. They are tuned to do the job of the stock Honda distributor in your automobile.

However, you have to remember that in buying auto parts, you usually get what you pay for. So decide first how much you are willing to invest. Yes, there are cheap Honda distributors, but you must be careful in purchasing them because they may be made up of inferior quality materials. High-quality car parts like Honda distributor don't usually come cheap; most are priced according to the materials used and the distributor's design.

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