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Honda EGR Valve

If you've been alerted to a Honda EGR valve problem by a dash light, you'll need to take care of it promptly, as it is a part of your emissions control system. It is found on the intake manifold, and allows the opening of a small path for a bit of the hot exhaust to make its way back into the combustion chamber for the purpose of controlling the temperature and inhibiting the development of specific types of environmental contaminants. The method by which it achieves this depends on the age of the vehicle, but for vehicles manufactured today, as well as those that rolled out of the factory in recent years, the Honda EGR valve is powered by an electrical motor, small in size, but efficient and durable. However, time does take its toll and this motor can fail, rendering the Honda EGR valve unable to perform its tasks. You should not be surprised if this happens once, and maybe even twice, over the lifespan of your vehicle. When you do need to replace your Honda EGR valve, you'll find the correct version for your specific year and model of vehicle quite easily with our user-friendly online catalog. Just enter your basic vehicle information and you'll soon see a list of the best Honda EGR valve options for your vehicle, not your model and half a dozen others, forcing you to spend time sifting through parts that are not right for your vehicle. Our secure ordering site makes it safe to enjoy the convenience of online shopping, but if you would prefer to order your Honda EGR valve by telephone, we have a toll-number that you are welcome to use.