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Honda Element Tail Light Assembly

Honda Element Tail Light Assembly Troubleshooting Guide

Honda Element tail light assembly is an essential safety feature of your vehicle. Make sure it is working properly and the problems are solved as soon as they arise. Here are some common tail light problems that you may need to address:

Difficulty removing Honda Element tail light assembly

Whether you are changing the bulbs or replacing the entire Honda Element tail light assembly, the process is the same. You have to remove the entire tail light assembly from the vehicle. Remove the 2 mounting bolts found at the inner side of the tail light assembly, then pull the tail light away from the vehicle to disengage the clip. Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove the bulbs from the tail light.

Bulb in tail light assembly keeps burning out

There are several factors that may cause tail light (as well as headlamp) bulbs to burn out prematurely. First, are you holding the bulbs with bare hands? Remember not to touch the bulbs with your bare hands. Use a rubber glove, tissue or some sort of barrier because the oil from your hand is enough to break the bulb under high temperature. Second, have you checked the tail light circuit? Shorted circuit can cause the tail light to burn out prematurely. Third, is it the only problem? Check for other problems that may cause the bulbs to fail. Check the fuse, relay, and other connection.

Brake lights will not come on

Check the third-brake light. If it does not come on, check the switch, fuse or harness. If the third-brake lights work, the problem is not the switch. Check the fuse. If the fuse is good, check for broken wires. If both the brake lights work, but not the third-brake light, the fuse may be the problem. Perform the necessary repair, bulb or fuse replacement depending on the cause of the problem. Always check if the brake lights are working fine. If the fuse, switch, and harness are good, check the bulbs. Replace busted bulbs right away. Refer to the instructions above on how to remove the tail light assembly.

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  • Honda Element Tail Light Assembly Maintenance and Restoration Guide

    Cleaning the Honda Element tail light assembly is easy. Keeping it clean and looking new is a little bit of a challenge. Since the time will come when your tail lights will lose its original look, the only thing you can do is to make sure that you perform the best maintenance you can give. Here are the guides to keeping your tail light assembly looking at its best:

    Cleaning Tips

    Clean your tail light regularly

    This is a no brainer, but it has to be emphasized. Your tail lights are exposed to the elements and can get dirty pretty easily. You may find the dirt negligible, but it accelerates oxidation and sun-fading of the lens. Keep your tail lights clean all the time.

    Watch out for signs of oxidation

    Intense heat from the bulbs, dirt and other external factors contribute to the wear and tear of the tail light. Make sure that you remove any oxidation forming on your lens the moment you see it.

    Restoration Tips

    Locate and remove the screws and detach the bulbs to completely remove the tail light assembly from the vehicle.

    With a hand drill, apply rubbing compound on the lens. This may require some time and elbow grease if oxidation is severe.

    You can use wet sandpapers with different grits. Start from 120 grit and progress to the finer 2000 grit with 320, 800, and 1200 grit used in between. Regularly dip the sandpaper in cool water to keep it clean.

    Wash the tail light lens with soap and water. At this point, you don't want any abrasive material such as sandpaper, to touch the surface of the lens. Dry the lens thoroughly. Buff the lens with clean microfiber towel.

    Other tips

    Always change the bulbs in pair

    While it is okay just to replace one bulb, it would be nice to replace its pair so that your tail lights illuminate evenly.

    Do not touch the bulbs with bare hands

    The oil in your hands is enough to burn the bulbs at high temperature. Use gloves or anything that would prevent your hand from touching the bulbs.