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Honda Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold in automotive engineering is a bank of tubes or pipes that gather the gasses from the engine cylinders and pass them on to the exhaust pipe. Usually, exhaust manifolds are made from cast or nodular irons and they are designed depending on the type of engine that motorizes the vehicle and the number of cylinders used. Vehicles employing in-line engines feature one exhaust manifold while those that come with V type engines possess an exhaust manifold that faces each bank of cylinders. Every cylinder significantly has a single channel which is connected to the exhaust pipe.

In today's modern type engine, you can usually find a dual type exhaust manifold, which is made up of two similar yet individual exhaust manifolds. You can easily distinguish a car employing a dual type exhaust manifold because there's usually a tailpipe sticking out from the rear portion, on either side of the car. However, this type of manifold is normally used only for large displacement engines and is rarely employed on small engines.

The industry has a wide range of exhaust manifolds for various car makes and models. And these include Honda exhaust manifold. Since they will be installed in one of the most popular and outstanding cars in the world, Honda exhaust manifolds are sure to be of high quality and perfect fit. Just like any other vehicle exhaust manifolds, Honda exhaust manifolds help the exhaust system in doing its job efficiently, which is to eject into the atmosphere the waste gases generated during the combustion process and to reduce the noise produced during the removal of the said waste gases.

Honda exhaust manifolds come in various kinds and specifications in most auto-part store in the market so you can get them right away the moment you need them. For whatever model you own, whether a Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, Honda Element, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, or any other Honda unit, you can surely get Honda exhaust manifold that fits right with it. So don't let your old Honda exhaust manifold wreck your exhaust system's job, replace it with new and top quality Honda exhaust manifold and make your Honda rev again the way it did before.