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Honda Headers

If you want to give your vehicle more power and efficiency, replacing your stock exhaust manifold system with a set of Honda headers is a quick and simple way to make a significant difference. Honda headers can provide more power to the engine with a smoother flow of exhaust, reducing the backpressure that reduces engine power and efficiency. The standard exhaust manifold system is prone to backpressure because it collects the exhaust flow from each cylinder into a common area. This can create backpressure by forcing the exhaust flow from each cylinder to fight past the burst of exhaust emitted by its neighboring cylinder, disrupting the free flow of the exhaust gasses through the exhaust manifold and out to the rest of the exhaust system. Honda headers use a more efficient design, giving each exhaust valve its own little exhaust pipe to prevent such conflict between the exhaust emissions of each one, allowing each a free and efficient flow out of to the system, eliminating the backpressure that can bog down the efficient operation and smooth power produced by your engine. The addition of the more efficient Honda headers to your exhaust system can make a difference that you will feel when you step on the gas pedal, and this extra power will be produced without reducing fuel efficiency, possibly even reducing fuel consumption due to more efficient engine performance. We carry a selection of quality Honda headers at great prices in our user-friendly online catalog. Ordering your Honda headers is always safe and easy on our secure site, but if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free line is available for your convenience.