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Honda Mirror

Vehicle safety has been a major concern for most vehicle buyers today, that's why auto manufacturers, on their part, have been equipping their vehicles with a number of standard safety equipments and parts. Some of these equipments are clearly intended for safety, and would often protect the driver and passengers in case of collision and accidents. There are vehicle safety equipments or parts, however, which are often reduced to vehicle accessories for the reason that their safety functions are not clear. Vehicle mirrors and lights, for example, are often treated as accessories when, in fact, they can prevent a lot of accidents and collisions when used properly.
The auto mirrors are probably the most important safety parts of any vehicle that would protect its passengers from accidents, but the various mirrors installed in the vehicle does lag far behind in importance. There are two essential types of mirrors that every vehicle must have for safety purposes. The first is the rear view mirror and the other is the side mirror. Further, two side mirrors must be installed on every vehicle; one on the driver side and another on the passenger side.
Rear view mirrors are often mounted on the top of the windshield on a swivel mount that allows it to be freely rotated. This type of mirror allows the driver to have a glimpse of what is happening behind the vehicle through the rear windshield. The side mirrors, on the other hand, are mounted on the body of the vehicle near the vehicle's door windows. The side mirrors allow the driver to view the traffic conditions at the left and right side of the vehicle.
Once a Honda vehicle leaves the manufacturing plant and displayed in the showrooms, one can ensure that it is complete with the various safety equipments that must come standard in any vehicle, and that includes these three mirrors, namely the two Honda side view mirrors and the Honda rear view mirror. Most new Honda vehicles come with power configurations for all the three mirrors stated. This configuration would allow you to tilt and rotate the two side windows to its desired position in just a touch of a button. This feature also often includes a "day/night" selection switch that enables you to tilt the rear view mirrors automatically to take advantage of various lighting conditions.
Specialty Honda mirrors that adds functionality to your original Honda mirrors may also be purchased from aftermarket parts dealers. There are side mirrors that feature a built-in red chevron that can be integrated in your vehicle's turn signal, alerting drivers far behind you of your turning plans. There are also rear-view mirrors that automatically shift from "day" mode to "night" model depending on the light conditions. Another type of special mirror is the wide-angle variety that provides you a much wider view than the standard mirrors.

  • Closer Look at Honda Mirror

    The Honda mirror is a very important component in the safety equipment of your vehicle, helping to avoid accidents by giving you an easier and wider view of all that surrounds your vehicle. Monitoring the actions of the traffic surrounding your vehicle is very important for safety, helping you identify and avoid potential mishaps, before there is an unfortunate incident. The Honda mirror helps you to keep a watch on those other drivers, while keeping an eye on the road ahead as well. The rear view Honda mirror, mounted on the inside of the vehicle windshield, helps to give you a convenient view of the traffic behind your vehicle, without the hassle of turning around in your seat and the danger of removing your full attention from the road ahead. This allows a greater measure of safety by allowing an easy check of the traffic to the rear when you are making a turn or slowing the vehicle, making sure of a safe distance between your vehicle and the driver behind. The side view Honda mirror offers a view to the side of the vehicle and to the rear, covering areas that are not visible with the rear view Honda mirror. This Honda mirror makes changing lanes much safer and monitoring of the traffic in the lane next to your vehicle easy. Proper use of the Honda mirror can help avoid many potential accidents, as there are many unsafe and inattentive drivers on the heavily traveled roads, making it more important than ever to keep a close eye on the actions of other drivers. We carry a selection of quality Honda mirror replacements at great prices in our online catalog. Our secure site will make ordering your Honda mirror safe and easy, as will our toll-free phone line if you prefer to order by telephone.