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Honda Oil Pan

The Honda oil pan is the collection area for the oil that keeps the engine lubricated for its protection against the friction that is produced by its many moving parts. From the Honda oil pan, where the oil is located when the engine is at rest, the oil pump begins the process of circulating the oil throughout the engine. When the engine is started, the oil pump begins to suck the oil up from the Honda oil pan, and then directs it through the oil filter to remove grit and impurities, ensuring a clean supply of oil to minimize the potential for abrasion damage to the engine parts. After the oil has passed through the oil filter, it is sent in a high-pressure stream to the walls of the piston cylinders and the bearings that keep many major engine components moving freely. After it has lubricated the engine, the oil trickles back to the Honda oil pan to be collected by the oil pump, starting the cycle over again. The Honda oil pan is a sturdy long lasting part, but over time, there are problems that can occur from wear and tear that may cause it to leak. The Honda oil pan has a seal that can become worn, requiring replacement, and can also be affected by corrosion due to moisture and road salt. The Honda oil pan in its position is easily splashed in wet weather or covered with slush in winter driving, creating conditions ripe for such corrosion that can eventually breach the surface and allow the oil to leak away. We carry a selection of quality Honda oil pan replacements at great prices in our online catalog. Our secure site offers safe and convenient order processing, or our toll-free phone line can take your Honda oil pan order just as efficiently.