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Honda Performance Pulleys

The Honda performance pulley, also commonly called an underdrive pulley, is a great way to minimize the drag of power on the engine that can be produced by a number of vehicle accessories. Many accessories such as power steering, the alternator, and air conditioning consume a lot of engine power that could otherwise be used to provide better performance to your vehicle. With the installation of the Honda performance pulley for the function of these accessories, the engine will not need to work as hard to power these parts, freeing engine horsepower to be used to add power to the wheels. The performance pulley drives the vehicle accessories at a slower rate, making less work for the engine, adding as much as fifteen horsepower to the performance of the engine. The Honda performance is larger than the factory installed pulley that came with your vehicle, which helps to decrease the load on the engine, and will need custom sized belts to drive them. Often these are included in the Honda performance pulley kit, but may not always be part of the package, depending upon the brand and style of parts you purchase. This is a detail that is important to have in mind as you shop for your Honda performance pulley, to ensure that you have everything you need upon delivery to quickly install your Honda performance pulley and enjoy that extra power when you step on the gas. We have a quality selection of the Honda performance pulley in our user-friendly online catalog, all at great prices. Our secure site makes it fast and safe to order your Honda performance pulley, or our toll-free phone line can make it fast and efficient to place your order as well.

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