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Honda Power Steering Hose

The Honda power steering hose is part of the hydraulic steering system in your vehicle that allows accurate and easy steering performance. The power steering system uses a hydraulic boost along with a system of gear reduction to help reduce the effort required by the driver to turn the front wheels of the vehicle for cornering or curves, especially helpful in reducing the muscle it takes to turn the wheels in slow speed maneuvers such as parking. This system is pressurized, using different levels of pressure directed to the proper end of a power cylinder according to which direction the steering wheel is turned. The difference in pressure on each end if the piston within the cylinder helps to move the steering rack to multiply the steering effort applied by the driver. When the pressure of the fluid in the on both sides of the piston is equalized the wheels return to the straight position. The pressurized hydraulic fluid that allows this system to function is carried through the Honda power steering hose. The Honda power steering hose works hard every time you turn the steering wheel in your vehicle, sending a surge of pressurized fluid through the system. It is wise to keep a regular check on the condition of your Honda power steering hose, as under the constant strain of the pressure of the hydraulic steering system it can eventually either develop a leak in its connections or in the Honda power steering hose itself. We carry a selection of quality power steering hose replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. It is safe and easy to order on our secure site, or our toll-free phone line can take your Honda power steering hose order just as efficiently.