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Honda Prelude Catalytic Converter

There are lots of cars on the road today. Each of them has the potential to pollute the air. As the combustion creates waste materials, it is necessary to keep it away from the vehicle and there is no way out but to the air we breathe. With the alarming rate of pollution manufacturers prompted to preventive device to ensure that the emission level of every car keeps to its minimum. The result: the introduction of the catalytic converter to be installed on every vehicle.

The catalytic converter or simply known as the cat converter is a device that is part of the exhaust system. As the exhaust system performs three important tasks, the cat converter mainly performs the sole task of converting harmful gases into lesser harmful ones before it mixes with the air outside.

During combustion, the engine produces gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides. These three gasses mainly contribute to the deterioration of the environment. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which is colorless and odorless which makes is difficult to detect by naked eye and the sense of smell. Hydrocarbons or the volatile organic compounds are gas which is produced from the unburned fuel from the engine combustion which in turn becomes an O3 or ground level ozone, in other words, a major cause of smog. The nitrogen oxides, the third harmful substance from the combustion contributes to smog and acid rain and also harmful when inhaled by human.

Without catalytic converter installed on the vehicle, these gasses would freely mix with the atmosphere. With the presence of the cat converter, these three gases would be converted into Nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Some converters cannot perfect the reduction process which means that there is a great risk to harm the environment. That is why a proper functioning cat converter should be assured.

With the demand for speed and engine performance, Honda Prelude catalytic converter is a good way to keep the emission on the safe lever. The sports car's cat converter assures cleaner air and better performance.

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