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Honda Prelude Hood

Honda Prelude was introduced in 1978 as a sportscar which was set to compete with other Japanese models such as the Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Acura Integra. This two-door coupe which might be considered unique in design was indeed a one of a kind Honda vehicle. The first introduced in 1978 and run through 2001, the Prelude became popular as it carried the tag "inexpensive sportscar."

Through the year, the Prelude has been developed and improved to compete with other newer models as well as to catch up with the time. Engines were upgraded making every generation Prelude more powerful than the previous. The designs were refined to make it suiting to the preferences of the times. The interior was improved for better comfort. All these were made to satisfy every sportscar aficionados and Honda enthusiast and to fulfill Honda's commitment to serve every driver with their unique and quality vehicles.

But the Honda does not stop on these things. With the demand for modifications and replacements, Honda makes sure that parts are widely available for each model no matter what year it is produced. Honda guarantees full costumer satisfaction with parts and replacements readily available for purchase. From engine parts to accessories, Honda readily serves their costumers with quality replacements.

One best example of these is the hood. A hood is typically a door located on the front of the vehicle which is consists of two parts: the outer and the inner panel. The inner panel provides strength to the hood while the outer panel is the outer skin of the hood. Some performance hood which is compatible with the Honda Prelude consists of scoops and vents to allow the engine to breathe and to keep the cool air coming to help cool the engine. With functionality, style and safety, Honda Prelude hood keep the vehicle look great.

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