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Honda Prelude Radiator

Honda Prelude has been hitting the road with pride and passion since 1978. And for the last 22 years of production, Prelude has been one of the best Japanese sportscar that has hit the roads of America. The sporty style Honda exclusive was also one of best performing cars, Honda has made. Different generations brought out different power to the Prelude. Upon introduction, the Prelude showcased CVCC or the Compound Vortex Combustion Chamber engine. This 4-Cylinder, In-Line, SOHC Displacement was then replaced by 12-valve dual carburetor engine by 1982 and later the fuel injection feature in the DOHC 16 valve PGM-FI engine was introduced in 1985. The third generation Prelude was even more powerful with 2.0 L SOHC carburetor engine and was later replaced by other engines including the SOHC F22A1 engine, DOHC H23A1, and the VTEC H22A4 in the fifth generation.

With these engines, the Honda Prelude generates enough power to booth at an incredible speed. And with the demand for power which is equivalent to heat come the demand for a system to cool it. This is where the Honda Prelude Radiator takes into action.

A vehicle's radiator one of the most significant parts a vehicle could have. Also referred to as the heart of the cooling system, the radiator is responsible in keeping Honda Prelude engine's temperature at the level. This heat exchanger is located at the front of the engine just behind the grill. The location is essential to keep the supply of air coming through the grill.

Proper functioning radiator is needed to avoid engine overheating. To keep the radiator in good shape, regular maintenance should be practiced. The radiator should be kept clean and free from blockage that could affect the whole radiator function. Common radiator problems include leaks and cracks. This is often caused by corrosions and splits seams which are could be the cause of vibration, poor connection, mechanical stress, and collision damage.

Remember that keeping the radiator in perfect condition could result to long radiator as well as engine life so radiator maintenance should be kept on top priority.

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