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Honda Prelude Spoiler

There are many things that can make a sporty car look even sportier. Large wheels, spinning hubcaps, stylish bumpers, side skirtsall these are but a few of the styling accessories or exterior modifications that can make your car look more aggressive. If you have all the cash to spare, then maybe you can purchase one of the more expensive body kits available for your car. But for those with a tight budget, maybe you can invest first on those parts that can really make your car resemble a true race car. One of these styling components is the spoiler.

Originally used only for racing applications, spoilers are aerodynamic components that can alter the flow of air around a vehicle. Particularly, spoilers decrease the lift and drag on cars while increasing the amount of force pushing the vehicle's tires to the road. By doing so, spoilers increase the vehicle's capability to brake, turn and accelerate without tire slippage.

But what was once an accessory only applicable for sports cars and race cars are now also available for street cars. Today, you can find a lot of different spoilers that can be installed on wheeled-vehicles of any kind. For cars, the two most common spoilers are the front spoiler (or air dam) and the rear spoiler (or wing). Air dams are installed beneath a vehicle's bumper and are usually designed to direct air to the radiator or to any other power train or drive train component installed under the hood or beneath the car's body. Wings, on the other hand, are installed on the rear end of a vehicle, usually above the trunk.

Spoilers can turn a bland looking car to a sporty looking one; so much more if your car is already sporty like the Honda Prelude. Honda Prelude spoilers can make your coupe look more stylish, more aggressive and sportier. And because these components are widely available from online auto parts sources, finding one for your car would surely be easy. If you are lucky enough, you may even discover that the Honda Prelude front and rear spoilers you bought for your car can enhance its performance.

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