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Honda Splash Shield

Spotting and Fixing Honda Splash Shield Problems

Keeping your Honda pristine should not only apply to its exterior but to its interiors as well. In fact, keeping your engine free from water and debris should be a priority because it affects your vehicle's performance. This is where your Honda splash shield comes in. It keeps water, debris and other foreign objects from entering your engine bay. The safety and efficiency of your engine parts depend on how effective your splash shield is. So if you encounter a problem with your splash shield, address it immediately and do not even think of driving without one.

Take a hint

Diagnosing a splash shield problem is easy. If you hear a dragging sound when you drive, it's best to stop and look under the vehicle. If you're lucky, it's just a small branch that got caught between your tires and just needs to be removed. But if you see a black plastic plate hanging underneath your engine then you have a problem.

Ran over something

Another way you can (severely) damage your Honda splash shield is when you run over a pothole, a boulder, or a poor animal. If you do get in this situation, but do not hear a dragging sound, then you can wait until you get to your destination to check. At best, you may have managed to dislodge the shield and loose a few screws. At worst, the road hazard you drove over managed to crack your plastic splash shield.

First-aid fix

If you have a dislodged splash shield but you are in a middle of a highway, try to check if you can push back up to the engine and use a packaging tape to hold it in place. If you're lucky, the tape will hold until you get home or to a mechanic shop.

Lost your screws

Losing your splash shield screws, or clasps, is the most common issue most owners complain about their splash shields. It is caused by driving in rough conditions, or just having your brake discs changed at the shop, then having the mechanics lose the screws for you. Either way, you can only fix this issue by buying replacements for those lost screws.

Broken beyond repair

If you see that your Honda splash shields are cracked or broken, then there is nothing left for you to do but buy a replacement. There is an ongoing debate of how you can actually drive without one but this highly discouraged. Remember that without a splash shield, your engine is vulnerable to the natural (and un-natural) elements on the road. Driving without it will put an added risk to your fragile engine parts, and would result in costly repairs later.

  • Tips on How to Keep Your Honda Splash Shield Working

    Also known as the splash guard, the Honda splash shield is located under the engine too keep flying water, dirt and debris from getting into the engine bay. It prolongs the engine's life span by preventing your engine's vital parts from corroding and breaking. In addition to protecting your engine, the splash shield reinforces the airflow in your vehicle, making it perform better. Here are just a couple of ways you can take care of your splash shield so it can keep protecting your Honda.

    Be mindful of the road

    Most of the time, a splash shield service life is cut short because of driving through bumps, potholes, rocks or boulders and worst of all: small animals. Because it is made of high-density polyethylene (plastic), road hazards can hit the splash shield and easily causes it to crack or even fall off. Drive defensively so you will have enough time to react properly and avoid hazards on the road. Inanimate objects are hard enough to avoid when you're not careful. On the other hand, avoiding small animals, like squirrels, possums and raccoons, on the highway while speeding is next to impossible. So be careful.

    Clean after use

    It's not easy to maintain a vehicle. Still, if you want to keep your vehicle running, you have to take care of each and every part of it, especially the parts that protect your engine. Since splash shield keeps water and debris from reaching your engine, the grime ends up accumulating on on instead. Letting it stay and stick on the plastic decreases its quality and makes it prone to cracking. Regularly wash and clean your splash shields if you wish to keep them in good shape. Remove it then wash it with water using same car shampoo you use on your vehicle.

    Replace when needed

    The Honda splash shield is a simple engineered plastic plate under your vehicle. With its place, role and material, you should not expect your Honda splash shield to last forever. Know when to abuse and when to give in and just buy a replacement. In the long run, you will realize that it's cheaper to buy a new splash shield than paying for engine repairs.