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Honda Valve Cover

In the engines of our Honda, there is an intricate system of components that regulates the flow of air and fuel into the engine cylinders and the exhaust gases out of it. This system is often referred to as the engine's valve train and the main components working in the system are the valves. Now, all of the components making up the valve train are important for the proper and smooth operation of the system. And to protect each and every component of this system from damage, there are the Honda valve covers.

The Honda valve cover is a long plastic or metal lid mounted on top of the cylinder head of Honda vehicles using engines with overhead camshaft. There can be one or two valve covers in a vehicle depending on the configuration of the engine, or more specifically on the number of cylinder heads the engine has. Valve covers are also removable to allow for easier adjustment of valves.

The primary function of the valve cover is to protect the various valve train components from the elements that may cause damage on them. And as if this is a function too small, it was gifted with another functionand that is to serve as a pool for lubricant oil as it drips back to the bottom of the engine block. After being pumped at the top of the engine, the lubricant oil pools inside the valve cover before draining back inside the engine through the cylinder head's drain back holes.

So what happens when the valve cover of your Honda gets damaged? Damages in the Honda valve covers would not only affect the valve train components of the engine. Essentially, all engine components that make use of lubricant oil will be affected. The most common effect of valve cover damage is oil leaks and if these leaks are kept unchecked, it may result to excessive oil loss, which in turn would cause engine parts malfunction.

  • Closer Look at Honda Valve Cover

    The Honda valve cover is mounted to the top of your engine, containing the valve train. The valve train is comprised of quite a few important engine parts, such as the rocker arms, push rods, lifters, and valve springs. In an overhead cam engine there is a cam located under the Honda valve cover. The most common problem with the Honda valve cover is oil leakage. One of the common reasons for such leaks is a failed valve cover gasket, which is the seal between the valve cover and the surface upon which it is mounted. Warping of the Honda valve cover can also be a problem that will cause an oil leak. Oil leaks are a typical problem for the Honda valve cover because of the constant flow that is necessary to keep the parts it contains lubricated. The oil is pumped up through the push rods and dispensed below the Honda valve cover to keep the rocker arms lubricated for smooth operation. The oil then drains back down to the oil pan through a number of small drain holes. If there is even a small breach in the seal between the Honda valve cover and the mounting surface the oil will find its way out of the valve cover. If the gasket is the source of the problem, it will need replacement, but it is advisable to check the Honda valve cover for warp, as the new gasket cannot form a seal if it is present. We carry a selection of the Honda valve cover in our online catalog at great low prices. Ordering your Honda valve cover will be safe and easy on our secure site or you can place your order on our toll-free phone line just as conveniently.