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Honda Wheel Cover

The spinning of a Honda's wheels can attract a lot of attention. This attention, however, is sometimes the least that some Honda owners would want. If the vehicle is equipped with stylish chrome or aluminum alloy wheels, then there should be no problem with all the interest it is getting. Things are different, however, if the vehicle is equipped with crude steel wheels. In such cases, Honda owners would rather want onlookers to focus their attention on various parts of the vehicle other than the wheel.

But the spinning of a Honda's wheels is an instant attention grabber and every Honda owner must deal with this fact. So if you think the steel wheels of your Honda doesn't deserve all the attention it is getting, then better replace it with something deserving of that attention or hide it from the public's view. Purchasing replacement alloy or chrome rims, however, may cost a lot. If you are in a tight budget, then the best option for you is to cover them with stylish Honda wheel covers.

Honda wheel covers are decorative disks that can be used to cover the ugly appearance of steel wheels, or more particularly the lug nuts that attaches them to their axles. Wheel covers are available in a variety of colors and designs and may be made from metal or plastic. If purchased from your Honda dealer, the wheel cover would usually come in stock appearance with the Honda logo on the middle. If purchased from aftermarket or custom parts dealers, these wheel covers may come in various styles imitating that of chrome and alloy wheels.

Now, Honda owners would indicate one major downside in using wheel covers and that is their tendency to fly off easily on bad roads. Top wheel cover manufacturers, however, have found a solution to this problem. Instead of using the ordinary wheel cover clips, newer wheel covers are now equipped with spring steel clips and/or a wire retention system to keep the covers intact with the wheels. With these new retention systems, the wheel covers are guaranteed not to come off unless needed (i.e. for tire replacement or wheel cover replacement).