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Honda Wiper Arm

When it is raining or snowing out, the wipers on your Honda keep you safe by removing the precipitation from your field of vision, and if they are not working correctly, it is a serious problem. As the wiper moves across the surface of the windshield, the Honda wiper arm is responsible for applying adequate pressure to the wiper blade for proper contact, as well as moving the wiper side to side. One Honda wiper arm is connected directly to the wiper motor, while the other is connected to a remote assembly driven by the motor. As the vehicle ages, the Honda wiper arm may lose its flexibility, which will reduce its ability to properly clean the windshield. Often, the unit will become bent out of shape from a physical impact, or the gears connecting the Honda wiper arm may wear. If any of these problems occur, it may be necessary to replace the unit. Our online catalog has the perfect Honda wiper arm to fit your vehicle, typically at a much lower price than a similar replacement from the manufacturer. Replacing the assembly is very easy, and only requires the removal of a single nut. Then the old Honda wiper arm can be slid off the driving gear, and the new one installed and tightened down. While replacing the Honda wiper arm, it may be a good idea to acquire a new set of wiper blades, as well. Our Honda wiper arm is made to match the same quality construction as the old unit, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. When you are ready to order the Honda wiper arm, you can do so through our secure web site, or with a toll free phone call, and with our quick order processing, you can expect that it will arrive soon.

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