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Safe and Easy Steps When Installing a Hood Bra

A hood bra, or hood mask, brings quite a load of advantages for your car's hood. It works as protection from fender scratches, paint chipping, and from damages that can be caused by rocks, gravel, and all other sorts of road debris. Installing one on your car may seem very simple, but injuries can still be sustained in cases of accidental release. Aiming to protect your car's front end should be one or a few notches lower in your priorities list when it comes to safety-your safety should always come first. Here is a guide to help you achieve both. The whole installation process usually takes around 20 minutes.

Required skill level: Novice

Tools and things you'll need:

  • Hood bra
  • Clean rag
  • Car wax or rubbing alcohol
  • Preparing the hood

    Before you jump in and put the hood bra on, make sure the area that will be covered is spotlessly clean. Use soft cloth or chamois to wipe off all dirt, then wax it up; clean the edge, too, using rubbing alcohol. You can also opt to wash the whole vehicle to make sure all dirt is removed.

    Positioning and securing the hood bra

    Pop the hood up and position the hood bra at the front. You may need to tug it here and there to obtain the proper centering and to achieve a snug fit. Once you get that perfect fit, secure it into place using the elastic bands or any fastener that came with the package and fasten it onto the underside of the hood.

    Other installation and safety tips

    • A surrounding environment with at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for best results. This temperature allows the material to stretch, making it easy for you to put it on properly.
    • When using elastic bands to lock the hood bra in place, make sure to fasten it carefully. An accidental release can cause injuries to your head or other body parts, so be very cautious.
    • When subjected to rain or any moisture source, such as rain, we highly recommend that you remove the hood bra. This will prevent the paint from discoloring. Hand clean the bra, and let it dry thoroughly without using any machine dryer.

    Hood Bra Articles

    • LeBra or Covercraft: Which Hood Bra Gives a Better Fit?

      A hood bra, also called hood mask, is one thing you'll need to ensure protection from rock chips, dings, road debris, and even bugs while driving down any road. When ladies buy their bras, they first consider a number of aspects; the same is true when one shops for the right hood bra. Taking into account the two market leaders for this product, LeBra and Covercraft, we came up with the following guide to help you decide which one to get for your car.


      Vinyl is a type of highly durable plastic material that is greatly resistant to moisture and humidity. This makes it the perfect material for hood bras, since they will always be exposed to all kinds of weather. And this is exactly the material that LeBra and Covercraft hood bras are made of.

      The winner: Lebra and Covercraft

      Fit and product range

      On one hand, LeBra offers specifically-designed car masks to exactly fit your vehicle even if you have accessories installed such as fog lights, special air intakes, or even pop-up headlights. They also have two-piece bras that allow you to access the hood without taking it off. On the other hand, Covercraft offers a whole range of hood bras that includes the following: convenient 2-piece MM Series; economical mini-mask MN Series; bug-deflecting MD and MH Series; and smooth-looking MB and MT Series, which are also known as bikini masks. Covercraft may seem to have a wider range for this but LeBra offers exact fit for your vehicle no matter what other accessories you may have installed on it.

      The winner: LeBra and Covercraft


      Covercraft has hood bras that can be bought at discounted prices from 30USD to 111 USD. But you can get a Lebra for as low as 20 USD to 105 USD including discounts. The price difference may not be huge but it works well with the budget-conscious.

      The winner: LeBra

      The better bra

      Both LeBra and Covercraft offer great quality hood bras. Both brands seem to match each other in almost all aspects. But based on the price, LeBra is seems like a better choice. In the end, though, your own preferences will set the final word.