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Hood Protector

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Quick and Hassle-free Hood Protector Installation

If you are fond of taking leisurely drives, then you have to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a hood protector. Typically made from high-quality plastic, this part is mounted on the hood to stop bugs and road debris from entering the engine. Also, with the help of this protector, rocks and other kinds of flying fragments can be prevented from damaging the windshield. Fortunately, installing this part is easy. Read on to know the steps and the tools that you'll need to accomplish this task.

Required skill level: Novice

Needed tools and materials

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Rag
  • Hood protector
  • Preparing the vehicle

    Depending on your vehicle's make and model, the grill assembly may have to be removed. If the assembly is connected to the hood, then you have to uninstall it.

    Finding the mounting bolts

    The hood protector needs to be secured using several mounting screws. So, whether you dismantled the grill assembly or not, you still need to locate the mounting holes under the hood. Once you found the holes, clean the edge of your vehicle's hood using the rag and rubbing alcohol.

    Installing the hood protector

    If you think that the hood is clean enough, then it's time to set the hood protector in place. Make sure that the holes of the protector line up with those of the hood. Then, using the screwdriver, tighten the mounting screws to secure the protector in place. However, depending on what you bought and your vehicle's make and model, you may need grommets and brackets to attach the protector.

    Protecting the hood from scratches

    To protect your hood's paint from getting chipped or scratched, use the adhesive strip that comes with the protector. Remove the adhesive's cover, and then stick it to the hood gently. Make sure that it is set firmly so that the edge of the hood will not get damaged.

    Finishing the installation

    Once the hood protector is installed, reattach the parts of your vehicle's grill assembly if you removed them. If not, then take your vehicle out for a ride, and enjoy your new hood protector.

    Hood Protector Articles

    • EGR vs. Auto Ventshade: Which Has the Better Hood Protector?

      Hood protectors are also called bug deflectors or bug shields, because they essentially deflect bugs, keeping them from getting splattered to death on the vehicle's windshield. These are especially useful during summer months, especially when driving along the Interstate. Aside from keeping bug corpses from accumulating on your windshield, these are also very handy in preventing chips in your hood. We have examined two of the market's brand leaders for hood protectors, namely, EGR and Auto Ventshade, to help you know what to look for when you yourself decide to get one for your vehicle.


      Acrylic is a notable type of plastic in terms of transparency and resistance to breakage. EGR hood protectors are made of molded plastic material from durable high grade acrylic. Also, Auto Ventshade hood protectors are made of the same durable material.

      Winner: EGR and Auto Ventshade

      Range, style, and type

      When it comes to product range, EGR has AeroWrap, SuperGuard, and Bug Deflector included in its offering. These product series are either in wrap-around, mid-profile types. On the other hand, Auto Ventshade has Aeroskin, Bugflector, Carflector, and Hoodflector, which are available in wrap-around, non-wrap, full-profile, and medium-profile types. Both brands have their hood protectors either with a smoked finish or clear finish. In this aspect, Auto Ventshade has a bit more to offer than EGR.

      Winner: Auto Ventshade

      Fit and installation

      Both EGR and Auto Ventshade hood protectors are direct fit accessories. You will not need any drilling tools during installation as they both can be installed only with strong automotive grade adhesive tapes.

      Winner: EGR and Auto Ventshade

      Affordable price

      You can be able to purchase EGR hood protectors for as low as 15 USD up to 130 USD, inclusive of discounts at certain online auto parts stores. Auto Ventshade has discounted protectors priced at least 27 USD up to 153 USD, including discounts. The differences in price range may not be more than 20 USD, but they matter to the budget-conscious who want to maximize their resources.

      Winner: EGR

      The overall winner

      Based on the aspects identified, both of the brands are equally recommendable. Auto Ventshade offers a wider range of styles and types, while EGR is a bit more affordable. When it comes to material quality, though, it's a tie. So we recommend that you get the style you prefer at the price you are most comfortable with.