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Hood Strut

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Considered as a door to your car's engine bay, the hood is a panel designed to protect engine parts from environmental factors and contaminants. The hood can be lifted open in case you need to check the engine bay for maintenance purposes.Since it can be difficult to hold the hood up while checking the engine, your vehicle is equipped with a set of hood struts. This hood strut is a piston or strut assembly that supports in opening heavier car hoods and holds the hood up once it is fully open. This device is particularly helpful if you need to make unexpected roadside repairs.So, if ever you discover that fluid from the hood strut has leaked, don't hesitate to get a replacement. Carparts can help you with that.Check out our vast inventory of auto parts and pick what you need.

• Our hood struts allow easy access to engine parts.

• A sturdy hood strut makes roadside under-the-hood repair jobs easier..

• Made from durable material, our hood struts can last your car a long time.