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Hummer H2 Door Handle

Useful Tips to Help You Fix the Common Hummer H2 Door Handle Problems

Make sure that you pay attention to your Hummer H2 door handle. Although small, this component can have a lot of problems overtime. That's why it's important that you know what to do in case you experience some of the common door handle problems. Here are some useful tips to help you deal with them:


If the exterior and interior door handles on your Hummer H2 is plastic, you may find yourself muttering about the cracks on them. Worse, you may find that one of your handles have totally broken off. When this happens, you can consider fixing it yourself instead of buying a replacement right away. Loosening the bolt that holds the door handle in place will give you a better access to do this quick fix. However, remember to roll up your window to avoid damaging it. Connecting the cracked or broken pieces back to the body of the handle using a basic glue gun should work. Just don't forget to heat the glue and let it set first before using the handle. In the event this simple quick fix doesn't work, then you can start looking for a replacement part.


Whether plastic or aluminum, your door handle can have scratches overtime every time your keys, rings, fingernails, and whatnot rub against the surface, underneath, around, or behind the door handles. Having these on your Hummer can be a real eyesore, so make sure to cover these up with polish and other scratch-removal compounds. Keep in mind that dirt can buildup along the scratch lines, especially when they're deep. Also, scratches on aluminum door handles may still develop into rust overtime.

Rust stains and spots

You may notice rust stains at the corner of your exterior door handle. If this happens, you may want to check the inside of your door panel and look for any rusted screw as this may be the cause of the stain. If you've found the culprit, make sure to clean the stains with any effective polishing compound. However, if you have rust spots on your door handle, you should apply rust remover and gently scrub them off. It's also best to coat all door handles on your H2 with sealant to slow down the problem, although this wouldn't completely prevent rust again.

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  • Helpful Tips to Keep Your Hummer H2 Door Handle in Good Condition

    Make sure that you know how to keep your Hummer H2 door handle in good condition to avoid spoiling the stylish look of your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you properly maintain your door handles:

    Avoid sharp objects from touching the handles.

    Making sure that your door handles don't get scratched is the simplest but hardest step to do in order to keep them looking as good as new. You can do this by avoiding your car keys, rings, and fingernails from making contact with the surface and the hollow part under the handle. But you can bet that you will start to forget about it overtime, especially if you're in a hurry. If you really want to keep your door handles unscratched as much as possible, you always have to protect their finish. After all, repeated buffing or polishing may harm the handles in the long run.

    Wash the door handles with mild soapy water.

    When you're cleaning your Hummer, you need to make sure that you have covered every single spot including the door handles. Just imagine the horror in realizing that your door handles stand out like a sore thumb from your well-polished H2. Clean these parts with mild dishwashing soap mixed with warm water the way you would normally clean your ride. Remember to use non-abrasive sponge to get rid of dirt and grime that tend to buildup there. Keep in mind that the door handles are frequently touched and are always exposed to different weather.

    Never polish excessively.

    You may think that you can transform your dull and scratched door handles into shiny and new by using the strongest polishing compound available in the market. The sad fact is that this can make your door handles lose its coating. To avoid this, just use a trusted polishing compound and rub it on the surface by hand using a foam applicator. You may repeat this process if you're not satisfied with the results. Remember, however, not to overdo it.

    Coat the handles with glaze.

    If your polish doesn't cover up the deeper scratches or marks on your door handles, you can apply glaze on them. This will make your handles look as if they've never been touched. Just apply the glaze the way you would a polishing compound.