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Hummer H3 Mud Guards

Common Problems of Hummer H3 Mud Guards and Their Causes

Your Hummer H3 is one of the toughest sport utility trucks produced by the Hummer division of General Motors. It is equipped with engine and body components that are strong enough to survive and conquer even the world's toughest terrain. But no matter how robust your road monster is, its exposed parts are still prone to immediate wear and tear. Take for instance your Hummer H3 mud guards. These protective gears guard your wheel assembly and undercarriage from mud and other road debris that can cause serious damage to your truck. Since the mud guards receive all the harmful stuff, they are expected to deteriorate and fail easily. Here are the top Hummer H3 mud guard problems and the common reasons behind them:


When you hear clunking, humming, flapping, and whistling noises from your Hummer H3's undercarriage everytime you drive, it's probably time to check your mud guards. These noises are often produced when the mud guards come in contact with your tires when you turn, or when they are detached from their mounting assemblies. Usually, your Hummer H3 mud guards are attached to your wheel assembly using a couple of screws. These mounting screws tend to become loose over time, especially if your Hummer is often used for off-road driving. The excessive movements associated with driving on harsh terrains are somehow capable of unbolting the screws from their position.

Physical damage

Hummer H3 mud guards are often made from either steel or plastic, but regardless of their material composition, they are still prone to scratches, cracks, and dents. One way to find out if your mud guards already need to be repaired or replaced is by examining them for any form of damage. For steel-made mud guards, dents and rust are the most common causes of failure. Plastic ones, on the other hand, are more prone to scratches and cracks. When these cracks occur near the mounting screws, they can cause the mud guards to fall from your vehicle. To prevent this and other problems from happening, change your mud guards as soon as they acquire irreparable damage.

Rust buildup

Aside from road bumps, rust accumulation can also cause the mud guards' mounting screws to fail. Since they are exposed to dirt, mud, and other corrosive elements, rust buildup on your mud guards' surface and screws is inescapable. If you are experiencing this problem, you have at least two options for the solution. The first option is to remove the rust manually using a can of commercial rust remover and a bucket-load of patience. This process will take too much of your time, and it could be very messy. The second option is to purchase a new set of mud guards for your road monster. The amount of money you need for this depends on the type and design of mud guards you want for you Hummer. Although you are given two options to solve this corrosion problem, the second option will be your ONLY option if the damage caused by rust infestation is already beyond repair.

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