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Apart from enhancing pure sound in mobile audio, a Hushmat can also make your ride a more enjoyable one.

When it comes to topping the notch in mobile audio technology, only Hushmat is a certified leader.

If people are asking you about Hushmat and you don't know, you are surely suffering from poor mobile audio.

Take the mobile audio technology you currently have in your auto up a notch with Hushmat products.

A type of self-adhesive tape made from butyl compounds is the Hushmat butyl tape which is coated on the upper part and filmed by silicon at the bottom for a quick and easy release. Compared to other types of tapes, the Hushmat butyl tape is made of rubber that provides great adhesion to virtually all objects, among them metal, wood, glass, zinc and concrete. Unlike other tapes, the Hushmat butyl tape is found to stand a greater chance against the effects of heat and cold that could wear off the adhesive material. With Hushmat butyl tape, you are assured that the two objects you stuck together through the Hushmat butyl tape will not separate even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. With its excellent dielectric insulation, you are guaranteed that the Hushmat butyl tape is safe to use even in putting together conductors without getting yourself electrified even if you have only actually touched the tape. The Hushmat butyl tape lasts longer than any type of adhesives because of its ability to resist corrosion when exposed to moisture, steam and water. Considering the great adhesion of the Hushmat butyl tape, you might be surprised to learn that it can be easily applied for any technical application it can serve. This may sound absurd to you, but the Hushmat butyl tape is actually imbued with great opposition to harmful ultraviolet rays. This is made possible due to the aluminum coat that could seem unaffected when exposed to bright and direct sunlight.

If you are planning to upgrade the audio system in your vehicle or you want to protect the expensive audio system already installed in your vehicle, you might want to seal in the interior cabin from outside noise and vibratory motions, timbre or clattering of the sheet metal panels that are brought about by tuning in to specific frequencies. To install a Hushmat sound dampening material is all you have to do to address this problem. Having a Hushmat sound dampening material for your vehicle need not be expensive and tiring, and is actually easy that even a novice can finish it within a few minutes. What you have to prepare in advance is a knife, glue, hair dryer, roller, acetone and old rags to get you ready to install a Hushmat sound dampening material. In most cases, you have to expose the Hushmat sound dampening material to sunrays for it to get all warmed up. By doing so, you can easily manipulate the Hushmat sound dampening material and make it more flexible. Installing a Hushmat sound dampening material may require you to strip the trunk carpet, car floor carpet, seats, dash and the inner door panels. You have to clean the metal with the use of acetone before spraying glue. After this, you can already apply the Hushmat sound dampening material. Test with the use of the roller whether the Hushmat sound dampening material has already stuck to the surface before heating it with the use of hair dryer.