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Want to give your vehicle a power-up? Tweak it with Hypertech. Hypertech Performance Products give you a straight shot right to the heart of your car's engine management system. You can have the power to level up your car's performance. Hypertech can give you more control over your vehicle than you ever thought possible.

Hypertech Performance Products range from performance chips and programmers that can reset everything to factory default with just the push of a button. You can adjust transmission shift points, engine timing, fuel mixture, rev limits, top speed limits, and even correct your speedometer for non-stock tire installations. All these with a touch of a button/

Fine-tune your vehicle with Hypertech's Programmer, Power Programmer and Performance Chips to not only provide more torque and horsepower to your vehcile but also improve drivability, without being detrimental to drive train components. With the Hypertech Power Programmer, you get optimized ignition timing and air/fuel ratio while letting you adjust shift points, shift firmness, make changes to the top-speed limiter and rev limiter (within the safety range of the vehicle's tire/brake ratings). You also gain the ability to correct your speedometer/odometer after a gear ratio and/or tire size change. The Power Programmer, on the other hand, is incredibly powerful, but it is also incredibly easy to use. When you connect the Power Programmer to your vehicle, its "smart" program instantly recognizes your vehicle's powertrain by reading the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN contains specific information on the engine, transmission, and drivetrain, which the Power Programmer decodes before it downloads the Power Tuning Program that is precisely tailored for your car or truck.

Don't just settle with your car's default settings. Give your vehicle a tweak and achieve its maximum potential by hooking it up with Hypertech's Power Programmers and experience how it feels to be powered up.

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  • Tips on Buying Hypertech Programmer & Chips

    Shouldn't computerized engines come with a way to increase horsepower or torque with the push of a button? Now you can hold plug-in power in the palm of your hand with the Hypertech Programmer, featuring Power Programmer III. This powerful device isn't just a tuning chip, but a self-contained automotive tuning computer that is amazingly easy to operate. The Hypertech Programmer plugs right into your vehicle's diagnostic plug. After answering a few "yes" or "no" questions, you can sit back and let the Hypertech Programmer take over.
    By reading your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the Hypertech's "smart" program recognizes your vehicle's powertrain and accesses specific information on the engine, transmission and drivetrain. Next, the Hypertech Programmer decodes and downloads a Power Tuning program tailored to your car or truck. One special feature of the Hypertech Programmer allows you to choose whether you use regular 87 octane or premium 93 octane, and adjusts its calculations for maximum vehicle performance. The Hypertech Programmer automatically installs the selected program into your vehicle's computer. If you are installing aftermarket components such as rear end gear ratios or non-stock tires, the Hypertech Programmer will allow you to compensate perfectly.
    If you own a Chevy or GM vehicle from 1981 to 1995, direct replacement chips are a snap: purchase the original tuning product, Hypertech Chips. With two separate product lines, Street Runner and ThermoMaster, you can tailor to your personal driving needs with Hypertech Chips, which can be installed using only simple hand tools in less than 30 minutes. Look for Hypertech Chips' powerful engine tuning data in the Street Runner, designed for daily street driving and delivering maximum power at full throttle. For even more power, the ThermoMaster Hypertech Chip provides the most you can run on the street. Used in conjunction with a low-temp PowerStat thermostat, the ThermoMaster differs from the Street Runner by keeping engines cool in even the most extreme heat conditions. Desert driving, emergency vehicles and competitive cars and trucks stay under temperature and in top shape with the ThermoMaster Hypertech Chip. With the denser cool air produces, your engine will also enjoy more horsepower, better gas mileage, and improved drivability with torque converter lock-up. Hypertech Chips allow you to program the operation of your vehicle to match tire selection.
    Despair not, Ford owners: you too can benefit from the Hypertech Tuner. With its 3-stage tuning, the Hypertech Tuner provides the power a 6-liter power stroke diesel engine needs for towing safely and efficiently. There is no splicing required to install the Hypertech Tuner-simply plug and play, then mount the 4-setting Power dial to your dash. For the best overall performance in any driving condition, adjust your Hypertech Tuner to Setting 3. Settings 1 and 2 are more conservative, while the "zero" setting resets your configuration to stock. The Hypertech Tuner allows drivers to change settings instantly, even during vehicle operation.

  • Choosing the Right Hypertech Product, For the Right Job

    Hypertech performance products give you a straight shot right to the heart of your car's engine management system

    If you adjust something with your Hypertech programmer, you can always start over at factory defaults with the touch of a button

    Hypertech chips offer true plug-n-play performance enhancements to your car by replacing the stock PROM chip

    Tune your car to your heart's contenteverything from transmission shift points to ignition timingby using a Hypertech tuner

    Let's be up front about one thing: The Hypertech programmer is NOT a power tuning chip. A tuning chip carries a single set of instructions that allow your car to perform better, and that's it. The Hypertech programmer is so much more than that. An ultra-powerful hand-held vehicle control device is a better way to describe the Hypertech programmer. You simply plug it in to the diagnostic port on your car or truck, it determines what kind of engine and transmission you have, and then it asks you a series of questions regarding the level of tune you wish to achieve. Then the Hypertech programmer goes to work reconfiguring your vehicle's computer settings. That's all there is to it. If you drive for a while and want to adjust the settings, just plug the Hypertech programmer back in and reconfigure the system again. Want to go back to bone-stock? The Hypertech programmer can reset everything to factory default with just the push of a button. You can adjust transmission shift points, engine timing, fuel mixture, rev limits, top speed limits, and even correct your speedometer for non-stock tire installations, all with the hand-held Hypertech programmer. See what we mean? The Hypertech programmer gives you more control over your car or truck than you ever thought possible.

    It's time to go to the PROMthe programmable read-only memory in your car's engine, that is. The PROM chip in your car is what decides your fuel/air ratio, transmission shift points, ignition timing, and so many other variables. And in many cases, your stock PROM is holding you back. That's where Hypertech chips come in. Hypertech chips replace your stock PROM with one featuring higher-performance settings so you can get more power and more torque from your motor. For those of you who just want a little extra punch on the street, and firmer shifting, choose Street Runner Hypertech chips. These Hypertech chips don't affect your day to day mileage or emissions, and don't require any additional engine modifications. If you don't mind getting a little greasy to gain more performance, try the ThermoMaster line of Hypertech chips. You'll have to replace your stock thermostat with a lower-temperature version, but these Hypertech chips give you the highest output you can safely run on the street. And don't worry about finding the right thermostat for the job: Hypertech makes a line of thermostats especially designed to go with its Hypertech chips, so you're all set after a little elbow grease. So unlock your engine's potential without blowers, turbos, nitrous, or other invasive procedures. Just add selected Hypertech chips to your vehicle's computer.

    You guys and girls who like to endlessly fiddle with the tuning of your vehicle are going to love the Hypertech tuner. A hand-held minicomputer, the Hypertech tuner plugs right in to the diagnostic port on your car or truck and gives you access to a whole world of tuning options. We all know that tons of manual adjustments on older cars are now computer controlled on newer cars. Consider the Hypertech tuner a modern-day screwdriver, then. With the Hypertech tuner in hand, you can once again adjust air/fuel ratios, transmission lockup points, rev limits, upshift rpms, ignition timing, and tons of other adjustments. Change something with your Hypertech tuner, make a run down the track, and if you don't like what happens you can change it again. If you get fed up with the whole thing, you can use your Hypertech tuner to erase everything right back to the stock factory settings and start all over again. You don't have to worry about doing any permanent damage with your Hypertech tuner because you can always go back to square one. The Hypertech tuner is available for most popular domestic cars and trucks, including diesels, so if you've got a muscle machine, take charge of it with a Hypertech tuner!