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Power Programmer by Hypertech

Want to tweak with your Silverado's performance and horsepower output without having to tear apart your engine or get your hands dirty? The Hypertech Silverado Programmer can make that a possibility. Designed to tune your engine without actually have to go into the engine compartment, this programmer makes performance boosting a breeze.

Forget fancy tools, mechanical skills and computer lingo, all you have to do is plug the Hypertech 30022 Programmer into your under-dash diagnostic plug. Since this automotive tuning computer can retrieve all pf your vehicle's information from your VIN, you can be tweaking and tuning in no time. Just answer a series of yes or no questions to get the performance upgrades you are looking for.

The simple questions asked by the Hypertech 30022 Programmer help you decide what level of performance is right for your ride. Do you need to adjust the shift points? Widen the power band? Accommodate for those oversized, after market tires? Maybe tweak with the gas mileage to save a few bucks at the pump? Just answer the questions and watch the performance fly.

And, don't worry because you can always choose to recalculate back to your stock specifications. It only takes a few minutes to restore the system. Watch your Silverado soar to new heights when you purchase the Hypertech 30022 Programmer. Includes a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

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Hypertech Power Programmer Articles

  • Hypertech Series: Cummins

    Hypertech Power Programmer

    Think performance upgrades require a team of mechanics and a truck full of tools? Think again. The Hypertech Dodge Cummins Programmer is the only tool you will need to squeeze maximum performance out of your engine. And you can get all this performance without leaving your garage/

    Just plug the Hypertech Cummins Programmer into your under-dash diagnostic plug and get ready to roll. The automotive tuning computer retrieves your vehicle's information by recognizing the VIN number so the process doesn't require any tools, mechanical knowledge or computer skill. Once your system is set up, just answer some easy yes and no questions to get the performance you are looking for.

    Once your Hypertech Cummins Programmer is up and running you can begin to tweak your system. Widen your power band, increase your fuel economy, and adjust your shift point- whatever- the controls are in your hands. The programmer even works to increase performance when you aren't using stock parts.

    And maybe best of all the Hypertech Cummins Programmer comes with the ability to return all of your systems back to the original manufacturer's equipment standards. Just choose that option and you will be back to stock performance in minutes. Also includes a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

  • Hypertech Series: Diesel

    Hypertech Power Programmer

    Want precision tuning that won't require a lot of under the hood time? The Hypertech Cummins, Powerstroke & Duramax Programmer can offer you all the performance tuning you want and you will never even have to get your hands dirty. For ease of use the system is engineered to retrieve all of your vehicle's information once it recognizes the VIN number.

    To get started just plug the Hypertech Diesel Programmer into your under-dash diagnostic plug and decide where you want to boost performance. You don't need any mechanical knowledge or computer skills to widen your power band, boost your gas mileage or adjust your shift points. All you need is the ability to answer yes or no questions.

    And don't worry, the Hypertech Diesel Programmer works with after market parts as well. Just type in the information and get the performance those specialized parts were supposed to produce.

    And, if you ever need or want to, the Hypertech Diesel Programmer has the capability to return your vehicle's performance back to the original stock specifications. It just takes a few minutes. Start enjoying boosted power from your diesel and order the Hypertech Diesel Programmer today. Baked by a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

  • Hypertech Series: Duramax

    Are you longing to tweak with your Chevy's engine to get the most performance you can but don't think you have the space, tools, or knowledge necessary to get it done? The Hypertech Chevy Duramax Programmer is the only tool you will ever need to get the job done right. Designed to work off the information it receives from your VIN, this automotive tuning computer can get your system humming in no time.

    Just plug the Hypertech Duramax Programmer into your under-dash diagnostic plug and get started. The system is set up to install its program automatically. All No skill is necessary on your part; all you have to do is answer a series of yes/no questions.

    The Hypertech Duramax Programmer does all the work and automatically adjusts your power band, fuel economy, and even shift points depending on the answers that you give. The system even accounts for performance adjustments when you are using after market parts. So go ahead and buy that performance muffler, it will only add to your vehicle's power.

    The Hypertech Duramax Programmer even allows you a way to reset your system and return to stock programming. Just key it in and the process is done in minutes. Order your Hypertech Duramax Programmer now and start getting the power you deserve out of your ride. Comes with a The 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

  • Hypertech Series: Hyperpac

    Are you looking for engine tuning that offers great performance boosts and a lot of versatility? The Hypertech Hyperpac Programmer has everything you are looking for including 5 modes- Performance Tuning, Drag Strip, Dynamometer, Diagnostics, and Engine Monitor- to help you get the tuning capabilities you are looking for.

    When your Hypertech Hyperpac Programmer is in performance tuning mode you the standard tuning options that come with all Hypertech's programmers. You can adjust your shift points, your RPM limiter or top-speed limiter, or even correct for larger than stock tires. In drag strip mode you can clock and save all of your track times and reaction times, and display your acceleration times.

    When the Hypertech Hyperpac Programmer is in dynamometer mode it will accurately measure horsepower and torque output. Then, it can display those calculations in table or graph form. In diagnostics mode it monitors your engine's trouble codes and spells them out in plain language that will save you money of computer checks.

    Finally in engine monitor mode the computer gives you detailed information about your engine's critical systems. All this on an easy to use, easy to read 3"X4" touch screen. Plus the Hypertech Hyper Pac Programmer comes with a lifetime warranty. Order now and start really getting to know your vehicle/

  • Hypertech Series: Powerstoke

    Are you looking for an easy way to rev up the performance your engine makes that doesn't require a lot of time, tools, or skill? What if you could keep your hands clean while you did it? The Hypertech Ford Powerstroke Programmer can meet all those requirements and then some. No need to tear apart the engine, this self-contained tuning unit is made to make all the adjustments from right inside the cab.

    Keep your hands dirt-free and put away all those tools, all you have to do is plug the Hypertech Powerstroke Programmer into your under-dash diagnostic plug and start tuning. Once plugged in and installed, the programmer retrieves your vehicle's specifications from the VIN. Then all it asks you to do is answer some questions.

    Sounds like an easy way to get precision tuning, huh? With the Hypertech Powerstroke Programmer you can set the specs for things like power band, shift points, fuel economy, and more. You can even choose to restore the stock specifications after you have made changes.

    Is your vehicle full of after-market components? The Hypertech Powerstroke Programmer can work with those too to bring out the best performance your engine can offer. Learn what precision tuning really feels like by ordering your Hypertech Powerstroke Programmer today. Includes a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

  • Hypertech Series: PPIII

    Looking for a way to boost the performance of your vehicle without having to get your hands dirty by working under the hood? The Hypertech Power Programmer lll offers you a fast and simple way to boost vehicle performance. This self-contained computer unit makes it possible for you to tune tour engine to your specifications from right under the dash.

    To use the Hypertech PPlll Programmer all you have to do is plug it into your under-dash diagnostic plug- you do not have to have a lot of high-tech tolls or skills. Once the system is plugged in it pulls all the information it needs about your vehicle from the VIN number, and it installs its software automatically/ So there is nothing for you to do but answer some yes or no questions about the setting you would like.

    Some setting that you can program with your Hypertech PPlll Programmer include which type of gas you would like to run for the best performance-regular 87-octane or premium 93-octane gasoline, the ranges of your power band, and optimal shift points.

    Your new Hypertech PPlll Programmer can also adjust your car's performance when you use after-market components like large tires or performance exhausts. And the system can be reset to stock standards in just minutes/ So take advantage of the Hypertech PPlll Programmers 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty and order today. Soon you can have your vehicle performing at its best/