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Hyundai Accent Bumper Covers

Visible Signs of Hyundai Accent Bumper Covers Going Bad

The bumper covers in your Hyundai Accent play two different important roles for your car. First, they serve as additional safety features to the bumper by being the first to absorb the shocks from collisions. Second, they function as important styling parts in your car as they come in different colors, styles, and designs. Because these covers directly affect the safety and appearance of your car, owners like you should look for the slightest problems on these parts. Good thing is that it is easy to recognize an issue with the bumper covers.

Loose bumper covers

Bumper covers that are almost popping out of place usually have problems with the mounting hardware. If you are experiencing this kind of issue, you might want to look into the clips and retainers for problems. It is better if you remove the bumper cover altogether and check the different mounts.


One of the most common problems with the bumper covers is dents. These are visual signs that you may be having issues with the way you park. Shopping carts, bicycles, or other cars may hit your Hyundai Accent because it is not parked well. When dents are discovered, it is advisable to pull immediately. Vacuum cleaners, suction cups, and plungers would do the trick.


Cracks are commonly caused by low-speed collisions or minor accidents involving Hyundai Accent bumper covers. It is very easy to spot a crack as it involves peeling off of the painted surface of the bumper covers. Super glue and epoxy can deal with the crack, but it may leave a visible seam from the damage. To avoid such signs, acetone or a repainting job can hide the seam.

Misaligned bumper covers

Another symptom of a bad mounting hardware is misaligned bumper covers. These are usually caused by activities around the bumper cover area such as headlight assembly installation, which can affect the mounting hardware. When you see that your Hyundai Accent bumper covers are not aligned well, look into the two bolts below the headlight assembly. These components give major support to the bumper cover materials, so the slightest movement from them can cause alignment issues.

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  • Ways of Maintaining Your Hyundai Accent Bumper Covers

    Hyundai Accent may be known to have a simple style, but it is well-praised for being one of the better-built cars from the make. This is all thanks to its different exterior parts including the bumper covers. While being important aesthetic components that keep the simplicity of the car exterior, these covers play as extra safety features that protect the underhood from the shocks of a collision. That is why you should take good care of your Hyundai Accent bumper covers.

    Check the bumper covers regularly.

    It is a good habit to have your car checked for the slightest crack, dent, or damage. And if one is seen from your bumper covers, you should immediately fix it. If not immediately attended to, the damage can become worse. Dents left for so long may leave a mark once it is pulled and repaired. Cracks, on the other hand, can grow into larger cracks if not glued together right away.

    Add a flexing agent when painting bumper covers.

    Since your Hyundai Accent bumper covers are integral styling parts of your cars, its color should be well taken care of. You can do this by making sure that the paint of your vehicle comes with a flexing agent. This agent ensures that the paint would not crack off easily, making the paint last longer. However, you should make sure that your flexing agent matches the paint you are going to use.

    Mount a rubber seal at the bottom of the bumper covers.

    You may be regularly driving into steep entrances or road bumps. These cause scratches at the bottom part of your bumper covers. With this, it is advisable that you install a rubber seal lining to protect the bottom part of the bumper covers from scratches associated to these steep clearances.

    Clean the bumper covers often.

    It is completely normal for bumper covers to accumulate dusts, tar, grime, and bugs. With this, make sure you keep your bumper covers clean from these things. Otherwise, these would dry out and become difficult to remove, making your vehicle a complete eyesore. Penetrating oil and brake fluid are known solutions in removing these buildups.