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Hyundai Accent Bumper Reinforcement

Symptoms of a Damaged Hyundai Accent Bumper Reinforcement

The bumper assembly of your Hyundai Accent is composed of many layers of brackets and bars. These are to ensure that the bumper would actually absorb most of the shocks from a collision. Among these layers is the bumper reinforcement. It is a bar or bracket made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic. It holds the bumper cover in place and serves as a spacer between the bumper cover and the actual bumper material. A damage in your bumper reinforcement would affect the whole bumper assembly, so you need to be watchful of issues on this part. Following are signs that you need to look for in your bumper reinforcement.

Damage in bumper cover

A damaged bumper cover may mean that your Hyundai Accent is involved in a low-impact collision. If you see that the dent or crack in the bumper cover is considerably large or deep, there is a possibility that your bumper reinforcement is damaged as well. You have to keep a close eye for these signs, so you can replace or fix the issue before you hit the road again.

Stuck bumper reinforcement

Your bumper reinforcement is held by energy absorbers on both sides. These absorbers compress and decompress like shock absorbers and struts. If your Hyundai Accent bumper reinforcement and cover are stuck, there is a possibility that these absorbers lost their compressing and decompressing capabilities. By then, a replacement should be done to make sure your bumper assembly is in top shape to absorb another blow from a possible collision.

Loose bumper cover

This is characterized by a shaky bumper cover coupled with rattling sounds. This means that your Hyundai Accent bumper reinforcement is bent or damaged to the point that it no longer holds the bumper cover properly. At this point, the cover material is only held by the side tabs on the fender, giving it an unstable position. However, this may also be an issue with mounting hardware where minimal cracks may occur right at the part where it is bolted to the car body. In this case, a welding job would do the trick.

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  • Keeping Your Hyundai Accent Bumper Reinforcement Safe from Damage

    Road accidents are very common nowadays, and car manufacturers are doing their best to keep their customers safe from these disasters. One of these ways is by having sturdy bumper assemblies that greatly lessen the shocks received from collisions. Your car different bumper parts such as the bumper reinforcement. This is a bar made of steel, aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass particularly designed to hold the bumper cover material of your Hyundai Accent. Without this, an accident would do greater damage to you, your cabin, and your passengers. That is why you need to take good care of your bumper reinforcement.

    Drive safely.

    The best way to keep you and your bumper reinforcement safe from damage is by driving safely. Most damage and issues-little or serious-are associated with road accidents. As a driver, you should handle your car with care and be more conscious of your bumper cover and bumper reinforcement. The same goes with parking as you are also likely to experience collisions with other vehicles even while at a complete stop. With this, drive carefully and park with caution.

    Apply paint or protective coatings on the surface of the Hyundai Accent bumper reinforcement.

    If your bumper reinforcement is made up of metal, it is prone to rusting which makes its service life shorter. With this, you should keep moisture away from your bumper reinforcement. This can be done by painting the whole of your bumper reinforcement material. Also, there are coatings sold that are particularly formulated to stop moisture from affecting metal surfaces. Even though you have coated your bumper reinforcement, it is still better to check it from time to time and note of the slightest rust buildup.

    Be careful when dealing with parts near the Hyundai Accent bumper reinforcement.

    The bumper reinforcement is involved or intertwined with different parts such as headlight assemblies and headlight washer assemblies. You may need to remove the headlight washer assemblies before completely removing the bumper reinforcement; vice versa if you need to remove the headlight washer assembly. In doing so, careful as bolts and screws in the bumper reinforcement might be affected in installing and removing these other parts.