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Hyundai Accent Clutch Kit

Common Signs Telling You it is Time to Buy a New Hyundai Accent Clutch Kit

The clutch assembly in your transmission case is a very crucial part because it helps in transferring the energy into the wheels of your car. It is the part that engages the engine when you need to run the car. Likewise, it is the one that disengages the engine when you need to stop. Problems with the clutch directly affect your car's performance. Following are some signs that you need to check this part:


Clutch slippage is characterized by a slipping sensation when trying to engage or disengage the clutch. This symptom is very noticeable when your car exerts extra effort such as carrying heavier load, accelerating, or driving up a slope. This occurs when the clutch disc is already wearing out and is not engaging well with the engine flywheel. When this problem gets worse, the clutch may not be able to totally engage or disengage at times. Needless to say, this is a safety risk for you.

Burning odor

The clutch is exposed to constant friction that causes extremely high temperature on its components. If you drive aggressively, the surfaces of the pressure plate and clutch disc can burn due to excessive heat. When this happens, a distinct burning odor can be smelled even inside the cabin if your car. When you notice this smell, you need to check your clutch assembly and be extra careful in driving.


Jerking motion of the vehicle is caused by uneven engagement of the clutch with the flywheel. This is a sign of the clutch's premature failure. This is caused by contaminants on the part. Contaminants can come in different forms such as oil leaking from the main crankshaft of the engine. When you notice this jerking motion, check the clutch assembly because new Hyundai Accent clutch kit may be needed to get rid of the problem.


Whenever you hear any kind of sound coming from the transmission case, immediately check the clutch assembly because you might need to buy a new Hyundai Accent clutch kit. Apparently, the clutch can produce different kinds of sound that mean different problems. Growling or squealing sound means worn out bearings. A chirping sound, on the other hand, points to a vibration in the clutch actuator.

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  • Making Your Hyundai Accent Clutch Kit Last on Your Car

    Your new clutch kit is composed of different components. The basic ones are the pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing, and pilot bushing. These make the clutch assembly a sensitive part to deal with. Nevertheless, due to the crucial role it plays in making your car run, you should take good care of it. To make things easier for you, follow the helpful tips below:

    Always bed in a new Hyundai Accent clutch kit.

    Much like brake components, a new clutch assembly should be bedded into the vehicle. This would make you adjust on the proper way of driving with the new part installed. Bedding in the new clutch assembly involves avoiding some driving practices you may have grown to love. These include launching, hard shifting, and driving along steep slopes. A bed-in period usually lasts for the first 50 miles of the new clutch. During this time, be extra conscious for falling or disconnecting parts from the clutch assembly.

    Take special care of the flywheel as well.

    The clutch assembly directly works with the flywheel of the engine. It mates with the clutch disc in order to transfer power from the engine and into the transmission system. Problems with the flywheel eventually lead to issues with the clutch. Over time, the flywheel wears out, so you need to keep it in good condition. This involves resurfacing it when it has warped and replacing it when it is severely worn out.

    Totally remove your foot from the clutch pedal after shifting.

    Many drivers tend to rest their foot on the clutch pedal even though they are not shifting gears. This habit should be avoided. The slightest press on the clutch pedal can prevent the clutch from fully disengaging the flywheel. This results in clutch slip which damages the clutch disc in the long run. If you continue this habit, you might as well have a Hyundai Accent clutch kit ready on your trunk.

    Replace the clutch fluid every 20,000 km.

    The clutch is controlled by a hydraulic system. During excessive use, the clutch fluid boils, allowing water to develop within the system. When this happens, the hydraulic system becomes less efficient. To avoid such issue, replace the clutch fluid every 20,000 km.