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Hyundai Accent Oil Pressure Sender

Diagnostic Tips for Common Jeep Wrangler Hood Bumper Problems

The hood bumper may look small, but it actually offers a lot of benefits Yes, it is no less than the size, not to mention almost the shape, of a regular automotive nut. But install three or four of it on your Jeep Wrangler hood, and you can enjoy your aesthetically pleasing engine cover for an extended period. If not for a Jeep Wrangler hood bumper, your hood would have to scratch and slide against whatever tough part there is on your windshield! And that's every single time you go under the hood and inspect or repair something at the farthest side of the engine bay. Thankful for your Jeep Wrangler hood bumper now? Then you'd better know how to detect signs of Jeep Wrangler hood bumper failure. Below are some tips for troubleshooting a faulty Jeep Wrangler hood bumper:

Worn hood bumper

Just like any part, expect your Jeep Wrangler hood bumper to wear out over time. Among the visible signs of its deterioration are scratches and chip-offs. Although these may not significantly affect the performance of your hood bumper, they might be altogether aesthetically displeasing. For a long-lasting fix, opt for a replacement. Don't worry about the costs-Jeep Wrangler hood bumpers are just within the range of $2 to $8. What's even better is that they can be easily purchased at most auto parts stores.

Loose hood bumper

You also need to keep an eye out for a loose hood bumper. As you might imagine, a loose hood bumper will not only give you the trouble of a scratched hood surface, but it might also cause leaking into your engine-thanks to the small hole that you were required to drill to install your Jeep Wrangler hood bumper, which is unfortunately loose now. For a quick fix, try securing the loose hood bumper in place with an adhesive or screw. If this still doesn't work, you'll have to get rid of any loose hood bumper and purchase a brand-new replacement to fix the problem. You wouldn't want to leave a gaping hole on your hood, would you?

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  • How to Keep Your Jeep Wrangler Hood Bumper in Good Condition 27 February 2013

    You give your Jeep Wrangler a well-needed bath and some polishing when some streaks on the hood startle you. You are very particular with the upkeep of your car-especially the exteriors-so the scratches really struck you as a surprise. Then you remember your worn-out Jeep Wrangler hood bumper. It was so chipped you decided to just remove it altogether and furnish your hood with a sealant. Wrong choice, it seems! So you won't run into this kind of trouble, here are some hood bumper maintenance tips you ought to know:

    Make it a habit to clean.

    You can never go wrong with keeping your car components clean. Aside from ridding your Jeep Wrangler hood bumper of dirt and grime, cleaning also helps maintain its good condition as a cushion for your hood. Cleaning your Jeep Wrangler hood bumper is as easy as ABC. You just need to have at hand some cleaning materials, like a soft cloth and a pail of water-soap solution.

    Check your hood bumper once in a while.

    Just like cleaning, there are also sure benefits in performing regular check-ups. Inspecting your Jeep Wrangler hood bumper once in a while lets you see defects even before they cause you further car trouble. For instance, by inspection, you can readily see loose or worn-out Jeep Wrangler hood bumpers, so you can replace immediately if necessary.

    Replace it when necessary.

    When all preventive maintenance steps fail, be ready for replacements. Replacement should not be delayed if you want to keep a scratch-free hood amidst extensive engine repairs and check-ups. A Jeep Wrangler hood bumper that is in its good condition can also ensure you of a hole-less and good-looking hood. You can easily achieve this anyway as a Jeep Wrangler hood bumper replacement would cost you no more than $9. The cheapest ones are available at a little more than a dollar. Easy deal, isn't it? Besides, you can finish the installation of a new Jeep Wrangler hood bumper in a breeze. In removing your worn-out hood bumper, you only need to have a pair of pliers and some squirts of soapy water (for easy removal). And the installation and adjustment should only require you pretty much the same materials.