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Hyundai Axle Assembly

Those grinding noises you've been hearing beneath your vehicle may be the result of a damaged Hyundai axle assembly. The Hyundai axle assembly consists of an axle shaft, one or two CV (constant velocity) joints, and in some cases, a U-joint. There is also a rubber gasket called a CV boot that forms a seal around the CV joint. The job of your Hyundai axle assembly is to send rotational force from the transmission to the wheels. All of the parts of a Hyundai axle assembly are thoroughly greased and carefully packed so they are protected from the elements, in order to form a seamless force transfer. Problems commonly occur with the Hyundai axle assembly when dirt and dust work into the various joints, which can crack the CV boot. Even if you catch a CV boot crack early, there is still the possibility that the joints have been damaged and the life of your Hyundai axle assembly has been decreased considerably. Changing a damaged CV boot or cracked CV joint is a tough and messy job, and often it is not worth your time to attempt replacing a few components. You are far better off replacing the entire Hyundai axle assembly when the joints are damaged. This ensures that the whole system is in prime working order. You should inspect your Hyundai axle assembly regularly and look for cracks or damage to the CV boot, as this problem often goes undetected until the vehicle begins to grind. If you discover a cracked boot or joint, you can find a quality replacement Hyundai axle assembly in our online catalogue and restore your confidence in your vehicle's performance. Don't take chances attempting to repair or replace your CV boot. Purchase a high quality Hyundai axle assembly through our secure online ordering system or by calling our toll-free number.