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Hyundai Brake Caliper

The Hyundai brake caliper is a hydraulically activated mechanism that holds your brake pads against the discs when you depress your brake pedal. A Hyundai brake caliper contains two brake pads and at least one piston. There are different types of Hyundai brake calipers. A fixed brake caliper is rigid and uses either one or two pistons. Floating and sliding Hyundai brake calipers move slightly during the braking process, bringing the outside pad in contact with the rotor. Regardless of type, the function of a Hyundai brake caliper is to stop your vehicle. If your Hyundai brake caliper is not working, you will experience braking difficulties. Most of the time you will be able to tell if there is something wrong with your Hyundai brake calipers. If your car pulls to one side while stopping, or your brakes "grab," it is likely that your calipers are loose or misaligned. You should also be aware of brake noises such as squealing, scraping, or clicking. This may indicate that your Hyundai brake calipers are loose, or the anti-rattle springs are missing or damaged. The most common problem with Hyundai brake calipers occurs when brake fluid leaks into them, which causes rust and corrosion and can freeze your calipers. It is important to regularly change your brake fluid to keep moisture from building up and causing leaks. Damaged Hyundai brake calipers must be replaced right away, so don't hesitate to place your order through our toll-free service number or our secure online server. Simply select your vehicle's make and model, and order new quality Hyundai brake calipers at a great price. They will be delivered right to your door.