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Hyundai Brake Pad Set

Your Hyundai brake pads are a crucial part of your Hyundai disc brake system. Located on either side of your brake discs, each set of Hyundai brake pads produces the massive amounts of friction necessary to bring a few tons of vehicle to a safe and complete stop. Hyundai brake pads consist of a thick lining attached to a metal plate with either rivets or industrial strength glue. The lining of Hyundai brake pads can be made of various materials. Some Hyundai brake pad linings consist of high-temperature organic resins and fillers, while others use powdered soft metal such as copper or bronze. Metallic brake pads are most often used for high performance vehicles such as race cars, ambulances and fire trucks. They produce extreme braking efficiency, but wear out the brakes much faster than the softer organic Hyundai brake pads. However, a softer brake pad also translates to more frequent replacements. Many drivers are attempted to ignore the soft squealing or squeaking that indicates the Hyundai brake pads are due for a replacement. The problem with that theory is that the longer you neglect your Hyundai brake pads, the more damage your brake system will incur. You should change your Hyundai brake pads when the thickness is worn down to approximately one quarter of an inch. Once your Hyundai brake pads reach the eighth-inch thickness level, you are probably damaging your rotors each time you use your brakes. That pesky squealing gives way to a loud grinding that can sound like an airplane taking off, and by then you will need new rotors along with your replacement Hyundai brake pads. Don't delay in ordering new Hyundai brake pads from our extensive online catalogue.