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Hyundai Cold Air Intake

You may not be aware that adding a Hyundai cold air intake to your car, truck, or SUV can increase your horsepower and bring you better vehicle performance. As its name suggests, the Hyundai cold air intake feeds cool air to your engine. If you live in an area with a changing climate, you may have noticed that your car seems to run better on cool fall or spring days than in the heat of summer. This is because cool air holds more oxygen, which is the essential ingredient for horsepower. The Hyundai cold air intake operates on that principle by routing your vehicle's intake system away from the hot areas under your hood. Cool, dense, oxygen-rich air is delivered to your engine through smooth intake passages and a free-flowing air filter. The Hyundai cold air intake is an excellent and inexpensive accessory for your vehicle that really improves performance and efficiency. It is a fairly simple matter to install a Hyundai cold air intake. You just remove part of your factory installed intake plumbing and drop in the Hyundai cold air intake system. A Hyundai cold air intake can increase your engine's horsepower by as much as 15 percent, and it's great in the summer when your vehicle tends to become sluggish or slow to respond in the heat. If you want more horsepower and higher performance from your car, truck, or SUV, check out our selection of Hyundai cold air intakes from leading industry manufacturers like K&N and AEM. Your new Hyundai cold air intake will be en route to your door fast when you order through our secure online servers or with our toll-free number.