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Hyundai Control Arm

There are many parts to your suspension system that work together to keep your vehicle off the ground and deliver great handling and control. Part of this suspension system is the Hyundai control arm. Your vehicle has both an upper and a lower Hyundai control arm at each wheel. The job of the Hyundai control arm is to allow give when your vehicle hits bumps and keep your ride smooth. Each Hyundai control arm contains rubber bushings at each of the pivot points, which are designed to prevent friction and allow your wheels to return to their proper positions after jarring bumps. Most Hyundai control arms originate with these bushings. The rubber wears down with time or deteriorates with exposure to the elements. You can also experience problems with your Hyundai control arm if you hit a particularly hard bump and end up bending the control arm. If you need to replace a Hyundai control arm, it is in your best interests to install new bushings as well. This is also a good time to check the rest of your suspension system for wear or breakage, especially if a hard bump has bent or damaged your Hyundai control arm. Some Hyundai control arm bushings require special tools to replace them, so it is often a better proposition to replace the entire arm, which comes with new rubber bushings when you order from our extensive online catalogue. Simply select your vehicle's make and model, and choose whether you need an upper, lower, inner, or outer Hyundai control arm. Your new Hyundai control arm and rubber bushings will be shipped right to your door.