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Hyundai Cooling Fan HUB

Overheating is a common problem with many vehicles. This is caused by a number of different reasons. One overheating culprit may be your Hyundai cooling fan. The Hyundai cooling fan, also referred to as a radiator fan, can be located on either side of your radiator. Your Hyundai cooling fan is operated either by a fan clutch that is driven by the water pump belt, or with a simple electric motor. A Hyundai cooling fan switch located in your radiator or thermostat housing automatically turns your fan on and off as needed, determined by the temperature of the coolant. When your Hyundai cooling fan is not operating properly, the coolant becomes too hot and the engine overheats. Cool air passes through your vehicle's grille, but it is not enough to cool your hard-working engine. The Hyundai cooling fan draws in extra air to help combat high running temperatures. Most of the time, you can tell whether the problem lies with your Hyundai cooling fan by turning the air conditioning on while your vehicle is running. You should be able to hear the Hyundai auxiliary cooling fan come on. If your Hyundai cooling fan is not working, the problem may lie with the fan motor or fan clutch, the fan switch, or the fan itself. Once you have determined the source of your malfunctioning Hyundai cooling fan, you will find the parts you need to repair your cooling system in our easy-to-search online catalogue. You can order replacement Hyundai cooling fan parts fast with our toll-free customer service number, or through our convenient and secure online order form. An overheating engine can do serious damage to your vehicle, so solve that Hyundai cooling fan problem today.