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Hyundai Driveshaft

Your Hyundai driveshaft is a propeller shaft located in the front of your vehicle that sends engine torque to the differential, as well as from the differential to the drive wheels. Front-wheel drive vehicles have two Hyundai driveshafts that are often termed "half shafts." The Hyundai driveshaft performs an important function in your car, truck, or SUV. The job of the Hyundai driveshaft is to translate the rotary motion of the power train into power that is sent to the differential and axles. One of the most demanding parts of your Hyundai driveshaft's function is conforming with the up-and-down motion of the rear axle as your vehicle encounters bumps and dips in the road. Whether the transition is smooth or rough, your Hyundai driveshaft must roll with the punches and continue to transmit rotary power without failure. Most Hyundai driveshafts are rigid structures, consisting of either one long or two short shafts. If your vehicle has rear-wheel drive, you probably have an extra long Hyundai driveshaft in order to send power through the entire length of your vehicle. The most common forms of a Hyundai driveshaft are the torque tube and the Hotchkiss drive. The torque tube has a single universal joint, while a Hyundai driveshaft that uses a Hotchkiss drive has two or more joints. The newest type of Hyundai driveshaft is called a slip-in tube system, also known as a collapsible driveshaft, which can be compressed in the event of a crash. Keeping your Hyundai driveshaft in good working order is an important concern, because frankly, your vehicle won't go without it. When you need to replace your Hyundai driveshaft, you'll find the replacement parts that fit your car, truck, or SUV in our extensive online catalogue.