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Hyundai Fender Flares

Hyundai fender flares are an accessory that adds width to your vehicle's wheel openings. In addition to their aggressive off-road appearance, Hyundai fender flares provide extra protection from the elements such as mud, snow, and debris. If you have installed oversized wheels and tires on your truck, van, or SUV, installing Hyundai fender flares prevent your extra-large tires from splashing dirt along the sides of your vehicles. You have probably seen those muddy splash patterns that often result from off-road activity. Hyundai fender flares help you cut down on trips to the car wash and protect your finish from stones, wood chips, and other fragments your tires may kick up. Typically, Hyundai fender flares are made from either fiberglass or flexible polymers. The polymer Hyundai fender flares can be left black or painted to match your vehicle body. There are a number of different styles of Hyundai fender flares to choose from as well. Best of all, Hyundai fender flares are easy to install. You won't be looking at days of work to customize your vehicle with Hyundai fender flares. They install with simple screws and double-sided adhesive tape, often in less than an hour. Hyundai fender flares look great on your modified vehicle, and they can really show off your oversized tires. You'll find a great selection of Hyundai fender flares in our searchable online catalogue to suit your individual style preference. When it comes to ordering your Hyundai fender flares, you can take advantage of our toll-free customer service number or our secure online server to have your purchase delivered straight to your door. Add a touch of flair to your vehicle with custom Hyundai fender flares.

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